Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#1218. Using the Internet to Learn the Internet

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Sat Jul 31 20:30:06 PDT 1999 by Melinda Weckerly (
A-C Valley, Foxburg, USA
Materials Required: Computer, Internet, list of terms
Activity Time: 2 - 2 1/2 class periods
Concepts Taught: Basic Internet terminology and concepts

Learners: Seventh grade students who have minimal experience using the Internet. Some of the students have used the Internet at home or at school but most have no real understanding of what it is or how it works.

Outcomes: The students will be able to learn the key terms and concepts of the Internet.
Note: This lesson is an introductory lesson. The lessons to come will be designed to enhance the student understanding and skills needed (e.g. searching skills).

Resources: Computer
Internet (
List of terms and concepts
Microsoft Word
Overhead Projector
Computer with Internet connected to Projector

Learning Environment: Depending on the speed of the students and the difficulties they are faced with, the lesson should require 2 to 2 class periods to complete. The classes are 84 minutes long and will be held in the computer lab.

Teaching/Learning Strategies:

Day 1 -- 1 : The students will be divided into predetermined groups of three based on ability (more advanced students will be placed with Internet novices). Each group will be given a list of terms/concepts, with each list being different (see sample below). After the lists are distributed, the students will log-on to the Internet. The start-up page is preset to The students will then be instructed to 'look' through the web pages to find the terms/concepts. While doing this, the students will be keeping track of who has completed what terms and how they found it. This is done to help divide the work so everyone has a chance to participate. The teacher will verify the students' documentation by actively monitoring their progress.

Day 1 -- 2: When the lists are completed, the student will then prepare to present the information they found. The students will need to use MS Word to create some sort of worksheet to be filled in by the other students, as they present the info. The sheet can be completion, fill in the blank, matching/multiple choice, or ever a puzzle type worksheet. The student will then use these sheets for future references. The students will be able to use overhead transparencies and projector and/or a computer connected to the Internet and a projector, to help present the information. Using a computer connected to the Internet and a projector will be stressed since it provides an easy and efficient way to show examples.

Day 2 -- 2 : The students will present their information to the class. The order of the group presentations will be determined by which list each group has.

Assessment: The students will be assessed on the amount of participation during group work and overall effort put into the project.


Sample List:

Intro to the Internet Terms & Concepts(List 1)

For each of the terms below, complete the following:

a. Definition/Explanation
b. How was it found
c. Which group member found it

1. Internet

2. Network

3. Who governs it?

4. Nicknames for it?

5. World Wide Web

6. What is the difference between Internet & WWW?