Grade: 1-2
Subject: Language

#1219. Integrating Health and Language Arts

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Nov 7 05:36:50 PST 2000 by Sharilyn Bottorff (
Indianam University of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, Alleghany
Materials Required: booklet full of pictures, scissors, space for bulliten board
Activity Time: two thirty minute periods
Concepts Taught: short vowel sounds, Food Guide Pyramid


Sharilyn Bottorff
First grade -- 20 students
Two thirty-minute lessons

Anticipatory Set:

The children have been learning about long vowel sounds and the food pyramid for the past few days.
The words, "I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas" will be written on a big piece of paper in front of the class. We will sing this line together as the first line in a song. I will tell them that the next lines are going to sound silly but we are going to sing them any way. The following lines will be the same words but we will substitute the vowel sounds in eat, apples, and bananas, to the long A, E, I, O, U sounds.

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas. (Correct sounds)
I like to ate, ate, ate, apple and bananas. (Use the long A sound)
I like to eat, eat, eat, epples and benenes. (Use the long E sound)
I like to ite, ite, ite, ipples and bininies. (Use the long I sound)
I like to oat, oat, oat, opples and bononos. (Use the long O sound.)
I like to ute, ute, ute, upples and bununus. (Use long U sound)

After each line is introduced the class will sing each line together as a song.
Every one probably thinks I'm a nut! Our song doesn't make any sense! These aren't real words! Right? Can anyone guess what new vowel sounds we heard? Who heard some long vowel sounds? What sounds did you hear? What letter makes that sound? Can some one write that letter for me on this paper?


The students will be able to pronounce the long vowel sounds of A, E, I, O, U.
The students will be able to identify and write the vowel that they hear.

The students will be able to work in cooperative groups to find pictures of food out of a magazine that have a long vowel sound.
The students will be able to identify and write the vowel that they hear.

The student will be able to value the importance of eating healthy and the food pyramid guide.

Teacher Input:

The teacher will repeat each line of the song and tell the kids what long vowel sound was used in each line.

The teacher will then explain that they are going to be put into cooperative groups. There will be five groups with four children in each group. Each group will be heterogeneous in skill. Each member of each group will be assigned a job.
Everyone will work together to find pictures and determine which food group the picture belongs in.
Finder- in charge of flipping through pages and making the final decision of whether or not the group made a correct choice. The finder also circles the pictures that are to be cut out and gives the page to the cutter.
Cutter- in charge of cutting out the picture that the group chose.
Writer -- in charge of labeling each picture with the long vowel sound that they hear and what food group that picture belongs in.
Presenter -- in charge of showing the pictures that his or her group found and saying the long vowel sound.


Teacher will model what she wants each group to do by performing the task in front of the class. The teacher will assign herself a long vowel sound, then flip through the booklet full of pictures and find a picture of food that has that specific long vowel sound in it. She will then cut the picture out and tell the class why she chose that picture. Then she will decide which food group that picture belongs in. Finally, she will write the vowel that makes the sound that she hears on the back of the picture that she cut out.

Later on when the children play musical chairs the teacher will model what she wants the children to do. The teacher will walk around in a circle then stop when the she stops singing. She will then pick up the picture that is on the chair in front of her. She will look at the picture and say what vowel sound she hears then walk over to the Food Pyramid Bulletin Board and staple it in the right group or level.

Checking For Understanding:

The teacher will first of all, check to see if the students understand the directions to the group activity and the game. She will do this by asking a student from each group to explain the directions to the rest of the class.

The teacher will then check for understanding by the results produced by the groups and the individual responses in the game.

Guided Practice:

When the students are in the groups they will be doing an activity in which the teacher can walk around and help with. However, the children will know that they should only ask the teacher a question after they have asked everyone else in their group.

There will be five groups. Each group will be assigned to one vowel sound. In the groups, the students will work together to find pictures of food out of a booklet, that the teacher already prepared for this activity, that have the long vowel sound that they were assigned. Each member has a specific job. The groups will be given a set amount of time to find as many pictures that they can. Finally, the "presenter" from each group will show the class his or her group's pictures. The group that collects the most correct pictures will be awarded by having extra time to use the computers later in the day.

The other activity that the students will participate in is a game of musical chairs. The teacher will observe and supervise this game. The teacher will give feedback to and answer the students' questions.

The students will put their chairs in a circle. The teacher will place a picture on each chair. (The pictures that the groups cut out) The teacher will sing the song that the class sang at the beginning of the class while the students march around the chairs. When the teacher stops singing the children stop and pick up the picture that is in front of them. Each person will then get a turn to say the long vowel sound that they have and staple their picture in the correct level of the Food Pyramid Bulletin Board.

Independent practice:

For homework students will fill in a food pyramid of what they ate that day and circle the food that has a long vowel sound.