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#122. Preschool Alphabet Games

, level: Pre-School
Posted by Sherri (
Allentown, PA

Here are a few games I use in my kingergarten class!

A. SWAT! Write a variety of letters of numbers on the board.
Using flyswatters, the children tap the sounds or letters dictated.

B. PAINT with WATER on blackboard. Name a sound, letter, or
number and they paint it. May have teams.

C. MATCHING game on board. Use letters, numbers, etc...and
they match. A b
b C

D. FILL IN the alphabet letters. A__CDE__GHIJK__MNOP__R__T...

E. NAMING- Children name the letters in each row for practice.

F. ANIMAL FARM- Divide class into two teams. Give an animal
name, such as: duck, zebra, giraffe, lion, muskrat, beaver....
and they write the beginning sound!

G. CIRCLE GAME- Teacher writes many numbers or letters on
the board. The children circle the dictated ones.

H. ERASE- Same as the circle game, but they erase the letter called.

I. POINTER GAME- Teacher points to a shape, letter, etc and
the child tells what it is. May have two teams.

J. SENTENCE- Teacher writes a sentence on the board and the
children take turns pointing out specific letters.

K. CONSONANT OR VOWEL? After a sentence is written on the
board, the teacher calls students to circle all the consonants
or all the vowels he/she sees in that sentence. Erase and
write a new sentence.


M. BELL GAME- Pass a number, alphabet, shape card etc around
a circle. When the teacher rings the bell, whoever has the
card must tell what he/she sees.

N. DICE GAME- Class sits in a circle and each child gets a turn
to roll the dice. If it's a letter, they name three things that
begin with that letter, and if it's a number, they must do
an easy activity that many times. Teacher decides activity.
May be things like: touching your head, moving your eyes
from side to side, walking around the tables, lifting your
tongue up and down, clapping, stomping, etc!

O. As a class, make ALPHABET WEBS on the board. Choose a
letter and they think of all the words that begin with it.
When done, you have a large word web!

P. STAND UP! This game is fun and can be used with any
concept. "IF you have red on, stand up!" "IF you have
5 letters in your name, stand up!" "IF you have 2 sisters,
stand up!" "IF you like painting, stand up!" "IF your b-day
is in April, stand up!".....

Q. NUMBER FUN! Have the children divide themselves up into
two teams. The teachers calls a number and the two players
must print that number on the board, and draw that many
items (they choose).