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Stuff I have collected from all over on bears...

upon a time there was a beautiful white polar bear who often visited
St. Lawrence Island in Alaska. Now on this island, you find a little
schoolhouse filled with many boys and girls and their beloved teacher,
Andrews. It seems as though aa neighboring child from Siberia ventured
across the Bering Strait to St. Lawrence Island. Her name was Tatiana,
she had beautiful golden hair. As she explored the island, she soon
Mr. Polar Bear. The children watched out the windows of the
the bear wished he had golden hair like Tatiana's. He shut his eyes
tightly and wished very hard for golden hair. Now will you just shut
eyes for a moment and help polar bear make his wish? ( put 2 drops of
yellow food coloring in bear bottle) Now you may open your eyes!
A blond polar bear- Oh, my goodness! Do you know what the children
shouted out the windows of the schoolhouse? Do you think they liked a
BLOND polar bear? ( get children to slap, slap, clap, clap, and snap
Mr. Polar Bear was MIGHTY SAD! He thought the children would like his
golden color! He climbed on an ice berg and began to think about his
Now, as Mr. Bear rested, he caught a new scent in the air. What did he
smell? As he raised his head and looked around, he saw a young boy
Rene was from the GREEN forests of Canada. He wore a green hat, a
sweater, green pants, and green boots. Guess what he had in his

Rene had a GREEN lollipop! Polar Bear thought GREEN must be the most
beautiful color in the world! Maybe he should be a green bear. He
his eyes and began to wish he was green. Can you help Mr. Bear? (put 2
drops of blue in) Now he was a GREEN polar bear!! But the children
(slap,slap...repeat chant above)
Now this made Mr. Bear feel real bad. He pouted and pouted. Polar
began to walk across the snow. As he topped a big snow drift, he met
COUSIN BROWN BEAR from Kodiak Island. Cousin Brown Bear had followed
path of green tears that cam from polar bear. The two bears had a
long visit and before long, Polar Bear began to admire his SMART
The Kodiak Bear is the world's largest bear and gets angry very
Polar Bear thinks maybe the children would like him if he were brown
instead. Let's shut our eyes and wish with Polar Bear. ( add 2
drops of red, and repeat chant above) Polar Bear felt so bad, he ran
from the children and dove in the ice cold waters of the Bering Sea.
bears are the best swimmers of all bears. His thick, heavy fur was now
BROWN and looked quite strange as the children of Gambel watched him
DEEP, DEEP, DEEP into the sea. Now, if you will just shut your eyes
think about Polar Bear swimming around under the cold, cold water, a
bit of Alaska magic might happen. ( add bleach to the water, while
eyes are closed, continue to talk about polar bear
swimming while the bleach takes effect) Polar Bear swims up, up, up,
to tthe surface and guess what! (chant)
Your color IS right!
Polar Bear decided NEVER to change his color again. After all, polar
are supposed to be WHITE, RIGHT?
The End

I use a honey bottle that's shaped like a bear I got from the grocery
store. I sit at a table and have the children sit on the floor in
the table. I put the bear bottle(filled about an inch from the top
water), in front of a white board and put my magic (food coloring and
bleach) behind the board. Even if the kids watch you put in the food
coloring, it's still "magic" to them, because you make green by adding
to yellow, etc. My kids always love it, and they learn alot about
and some geography at the same time!

Little Bear
(tune: Frere Jacques)
Are you sleepy, Are you sleepy
Little bear, little bear?
Wintertime is comming,
Wintertime is comming,
Very soon, very soon.
Find a cave, Find a cave,
Little bear, little bear
Wintertime is here,
Wintertime is here,
Go to sleep, go to sleep.
Are you sleepy, Are you sleepy
Little bear, little bear?
You will wake in springtime
In the warm, warm springtime
Little bear, little bear
Time to wake up, Time to wake up
Little bear, little bear
Springtime is here, Springtime is here
Wake up now, wake up now!

This song is a very well-known Ontario campfire song. A leader sings a
line and the campers respond with the echo.

The Bear

The other day (echo)
I met a bear (echo)
A great big bear (echo),
A way out there (echo).

Then everyone sings the verse without echoing. Hopefully you all know the

He looked at me
I looked at him
He sized up me
I sized up him.

He said to me,
"Why don't you run?
'Cause I can see
You have no gun."

And so I ran,
Away from there
But right behind
Me was that bear.

Ahead of me
There was a tree
A great big tree
Oh glory me!

The lowest branch
Was ten feet up
I had to jump
And trust my luck

And so I jumped
Into the air
But I missed that branch
Away up there.

Now don't you fret
Now don't you frown
'Cause I caught that branch
On the way back down.

That's all there is
There ain't no more
Unless I meet
That bear once more.

Connie S. from the wilds of Ontario, where we sing scary bear songs to our

Story Time: Poem
"This Little Bear"
This little bear has a soft fur suit,
This little bear acts very cute,
This little bear is bold and cross,
This little bear rests his head on moss,
This little bear likes bacon and honey,
But he can't buy them. He has no money.
Circle Time: Bear Tracks
Cut several large bear footprints. Place them all around the room. Have
children take turns walking in the bear tracks.

My teddybear is soft and brown
His heart is warm and good.
No matter if I laugh or frown
I know I'm understood!

Five Little Bears: Counting up

One little bear
Wondering what to do
Along came another
Then there were two!

Two little bears
Climbing up a tree
Along came another
Then there were three!

Three little bears
Ate an apple core
Along came another
Then there were four!

Four little honey bears
Found honey in a hive
Along came another
Then there were five!

* Five Little Bears: Counting Down

Five little bears
Heard a loud roar
One ran away
Then there were four!

Four little bears
Climbing up a tree
One slid down
Then there were three!

Three little bears
Deciding what to do
One fell asleep
Then there were two!

Two little bears
Having lots of fun
One went home
Then there was one!

One little bear
Feeling all alone
Ran to his mother
Then there were none!

* Movement Activity
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, reach up high
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, wink one eye,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, slap your knees,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, sit down please.

*For Bear bring teddy bears from home. Have all the kids make up a story with
their bear as the main character; type and print for them.

*Teddy Bear Tea Party
Have play dishes, cups and saucers for the bears and the bears sit at a
little table and the kids serve their bears pretend tea and cookies.
Then the children go to a "big" table and hav cookies and apple juice (their
tea). The day before make the cookies so this is a 2 day

~Read stories about teddy bears.
~Dress up clothes for the teddy bears(good fine motor skills).
~Bear sponge paintings
~Take pictures of the children and their teddies put pictures in album to
share with parents.
~Eat honeycomb cereal, or bake bear shaped cookies let the kids decorate.
~Let the children act out the story were going on a bear hunt.
~Use a large blanket or table cloth to make a cave and pretend you're bears.
~Don't forget the three bears story. Let the kids try porridge.
~Tea party with all the bears.
~Bear lacing cards.
~Brown playdough with bear cookie cutters.
~Plastic bears in the sand and or water table.

*The three bear family: Get a refrigerater or wash machine box and cut off
one of the sides. Then on the center piece cut a peeked roof
and a window on each of the sides. It's no longer a complete box but an
opened up "U" shape. The kids can get on both sides of it and
paint it using bright colors. When this is dry, use it as kind of a back
drop for the house. The kids build beds, chairs, and a table using
the hollow blocks - good math activity trying to figure out the different
size beds: if we use two blocks for the baby bed, how many for
mom's and dad's? Same thing with the chairs. Provide pillows and blankets,
and: a baby bonnet for baby bear, an apron and hat for
mama bear, a tie and hat for papa bear, a dress and barrette with yellow
curls for goldilocks, a giant bowl, middle sized bowl and baby
bowl, a giant wooden spoon (the kind that hangs on the wall - a thrift store
find), a tablespoon and a baby spoon. Enact the play.

*The one thing I've found that helps participation at music time more than
anything else, is giving the children a chance to contribute
ideas. Following is a very simple bear song that does that. It is in 3/4
time like a waltz. The letters above are the notes and the
numbers the timing. On the movement part, the kids get to say how they want
the bears to move and you sing it. It's the same tune only
with four fast beats instead of 3 slow ones:
1 2 3 123 1 2 3 123 1 2 3 12 3 123123
Sleep-ing bears, sleep-ing bears, sleep-ing all a-round

Sleep-ing bears, sleep-ing bears, sleep-ing on the ground
1 2 34 1 2 34 1 2 3 4
Movement: Danc-ing bears, danc-ing bears, danc-ing all a-round

Dancing bears, dancing bears, dancing on the ground

Sleeping bears, sleeping bears, sleeping all around
Sleeping bears, sleeping bears, sleeping on the ground

New movement: Wiggling bears, wiggling bears, etc.....

* This is a story song that the kids enact either sitting or in a
gross-motor way. If you do it sitting, the kids will also sing with you. If
sitting: For walking, pat hands on thighs, faster for running, pantomime all
other actions:

(Spoken) Once upon a time there was a little bear who was sleeping in his

Have a lit-tle sleep bear, sleep bear, sleep bear
Have a lit-tle sleep bear, sleep bear, sleep

The next day, the sun came out and the bear woke up and stretched.

Have a little stretch bear, stretch bear, stretch bear
Have a little stretch bear, stretch bear, stretch

And since it was a very sunny day, the bear decided to go for a walk.

Have a little walk bear, walk bear, etc.....

But this was a very active little bear and soon he became bored with
walking and decided to run.

Have a little run bear.......

And after all the running he was so hot and sweaty. Before him was a big
cool lake, So what do you think he did? Yes he jumped in
and swam!

Have a little swim bear.....

And after he swam, he climbed out of the water and he was all drippy wet.
And do you know how bears dry themselves off when
they're wet? Yes, they shake!

Have a little shake bear....

And after all that shaking he looked up and saw a taaaaall tree. And you
know how much bears like to climb trees!

Have a little climb bear.....

And when that bear got to the top, do you know what he saw? Some golden,
sweet, delicious HONEY! And you know how much
bears like honey!

Have a little taste bear......

But you know, wherever there is honey, there are also BEES! And those bees
did not like that bear messing with their honey. And you
know what bees do when they get angry!

Have a little sting bear, sting bear......

And the bear said, "OUCH!"

(Do all of this next part fast and frantic)

Have a little climb bear, climb bear.....
Have a little swim bear....
Have a little shake bear....
Have a little run bear....
Have a little walk bear....

And the bear got inside and said, Mommy, mommy, I went for a walk and ran
and swam in a lake and shook myself off, and climbed
a tall tree, tasted some honey and a BEE stung me on the nose! And mommy
said, "Awwww"

Have a little hug bear, hug bear, hug bear
Have a little hug bear, hug bear, hug.

*Use a large parachute in a group circle to make your teddy bears fly by
holding the edge and moving
it up and down.
*Read book by Michael Foreman "Going on a Bear Hunt". Teach rhyme and
then hunt for bears! We
followed a trail that left pictorial clues and poems to find our teddy
bear's picnic.
*Use a matrix to classify characteristics about different bears ie
Divide page into four. In each section
paste a picture of a different type of bear (include a teddy!) Children
classify characteristics like 'eats
bamboo' or 'can be cuddled at night'.
*Activities based on 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' could include
counting in groups of three,
sequencing/recalling the order of the story, matching by size.
* Make Berry Jelly
*Make Bear Faces from rice cakes, peanut paste, sultanas. Use pretzels
for ears!
*Make Honey Crackles from cornflakes, sugar, honey and butter.

Material: small basket and stuffed bear
Have the children sit in a circle. Begin by explaning that a basket is a
pinic basket and the stuffed bear is a hungery bear. The basket
should be passed from child to child around the circle. After the children
have done this a couple times pass the bear around the circle
in the same direction. The games ends when the bear get his basket of food.
This game can follow whatever theme you are doing such
as fox & geese, etc.

1) Pooh Bear's Stoutness Exercises:
Pooh Bear, Pooh Bear turn around.
" " touch the ground.
" " reach up high.
" " touch the sky.
" " bend down low.
" " touch your toe.

2) A Little Something: Biscuits and Honey
Could try different kinds of honey to see if they taste different.

3) The Tigger Bounce: the children bounce a stuffed toy Tigger (or
Pooh) in the
middle of a blanket or parachute. Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie?

Did you ever see a Tigger, a Tigger, a Tigger?
Did you ever see a Tigger go this way and that?
Go this way and that way, go this way and that way,
Did you ever see a Tigger go this way and that?

Could also do this song with each child having a turn on a
junior trampoline, if you have one.

4) Rabbit's Hole:
Trace and pre-cut Rabbit out of poster board. The children can
color him with markers or crayons. Glue him on the top of a tongue
depressor. Cut a slit in the bottom of a paper cup, large enough
for the tongue depressor to go through. Pull the tongue depressor
down so that Rabbit is in his hole. Then pop him up to look out.

5) This activity is from Channels to Children: Glue Honeycomb cereal
onto paper to represent the beehive. Draw bees with crayons.

6) Sticker match - Present the child with several small colored blocks
on a
tray. You put a Pooh sticker on each block; use two of each kind so
children can match them into pairs.

7) Play Pooh Bear Says (like Simon says)
Wiggle your nose, touch your ears, clap your paws. . .etc.

8) Fingerplay:
Here is the behive (make fist)
Where are the bees?
Hiding inside where nobody sees.
Look! Here they come out of the hive. . .
1-2-3-4-5 (lift each finger)

9) Additional activity for the rhyme above: we turned a small
plastic tub upside down and cut off the bottom. It's supposed to be
the hive
with about an 8 inch hole at the top. We made five bees cut from
board and attached paper clips. The children fished for bees in the
using a dowel with 18 " of twine attached to a strong magnet. Cloth
tape is
good for securing the magnet to the twine. Each child had a turn
fishing out
the bees, while we all counted 1-2-3-4-5 .

10) Another game with the hive: Make "bee" bean bags to toss into the
hive hole.

11) Easel paint on a large balloon shape - give choice of paint color
red or
After the balloon is dry, help the child staple on a length of yarn
attached to a small pre-cut Pooh Bear shape. Display on bulletin
board with
a sky blue background.

12) Make headbands with Pooh ears out of yellow construction paper or

13) Don't forget "Heffulumps and Woozles".
Maybe paint rainbow colors on Elephant cut-outs!

14) Print yellow and red paint Winnie the Pooh prints on brown bee
hive shaped
paper. You can cut sponges into a simple bear can cut
miniature bees from the scraps of sponge and print with bee shapes,

15) "blustery day" blow paintings have children eyedrop blobs of
paint on the paper and blow on them with straws

16) "Tut, tut, it looks like rain!" water colors on rain cloud shapes
have been rained on (water sprayed from spray bottle)

17) For Pooh week at our school, one day we made Teddy Bear biscuits.
canned biscuits--you'll need 1 and 3/4 biscuits for each bear. Use
whole biscuit for the bear's face. Slice the other biscuit into
Use two of the quarters to pinch at either side of the top--these are
bear's ears. Use another quarter for the bear's nose. Then use two
for the eyes. Cook as you would normally cook the biscuits. We had
with honey--all the children loved them.

We also used rabbit shapes to make rabbit in his hole. Tape a craft
to the bottom of the rabbit. Cut a hole in the bottom of a Styrofoam
Pull rabbit in and out of the hole.

We made the Pooh headbands--just a strip of construction paper and two
I wrote the child's name the pooh on them (ex.--Tyler the Pooh).
enjoyed this.

18) We recently celebrated Winnie the Pooh's birthday at our school.
It was
a lot of fun! One thing we did was ask everyone to bring a Pooh (or
friend) to show and tell. We also gave each of the children a small
container (like maybe nacho cheese comes in) and put some honey in it.

These were our "honey pots" and we ate the honey with our fingers.

We also watched a Pooh video. Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.

19) As part of the Winnie the Pooh" unit, we had a Pooh picnic. In a
craft store
I found those flat sponge pieces that can be cut and then when wet
they expand
into a sponge that is great for sponge painting.. I had purchased some

coloring books to trace onto the sponge as well as pooh cookie
We took 12 by 18 white paper and sponge painted the characters:yellow
Pooh, blue for Eeyore, pink for Piglet, brown for Kanga,Roo and Owl
and orange
for Tigger. We then laminated them to use as our place mats for the
The kids thought it was the greatest things to be on the floor using
mats as a table and having this picnic..They want to do it again, so
Tuesday we are going to have a Piglet Pizza Party and use the mats

20) Hope you are going to read some Winnie the Pooh stories or watch a
the Pooh
video. Pooh likes balloon, you could have some balloon games. Carry
blown up
balloon on a spoon and race across the room without the balloon
falling off
the spoon.
Have them sit on a balloon and break it. (be sure to pick up the
pieces so
no one
chokes on them.) Pin the bee on Pooh'snose.
Snack has to include honey. Let the children help you make honey
butter to
spread on
crackers or bread. Sweeten lemonade with honey, gives it a different
flavor. Or sweeten tea with honey. Pooh is British and so it tea.
When I
did a unit
on England some one suggested what they called monkey tea. It was
half tea
and half
milk. You can even get decafe tea is you are worried about caffeine.
Crafts, ---- how about dipping balloons in paint
making prints on paper.Eore's house is made of sticks. Could you
glue brown
yarn to a house shape for a house for Eore (sp?). Make an owl.
little piglet noses from toilet paper rolls
cut in half and attached to the child's face with yarn or elastic.
rabbit ears.
These can be made from a paper plate or just attach ears to a head
madeof heavy paper.
Serve lots of things made with honey; watch the video/read the book;
everyone names from the story and have them make up their own skit;
teddy bear cookie cutters to make Pooh cookies or sandwiches; cut off
top of 2 liter pop bottles, cover and decorate like "hunny pots";
to be each character - jump and bounce like Tigger, whine like Eyore,
find a Pooh coloring book and color; make a Pin the Tail - type game,
a picture of Pooh and pin the hunny pot or something else on him; make

balloon Poohs - if you can find some balloons in the right color, blow
up 2
for each child, making one bigger than the other, tie them together
for a
head and body, then cut out arms & legs from construction paper and
paint pens or white-board markers or even stickers to add features and


*When the children bring their bears help the children trace around them
onto a large piece of paper. The children then color them to
look like their teddies and to the side of these drawings write these

My bears's name is ________.

______ is ________inches long. (together we use a ruler to measure teddy)

________came to live with me when_____________. (the story of where bear

__________ and I like to ______________. (what the child likes to do with

The children can fill in the lines with my help or fill in the lines for
them. The sentences can be changed to any topic that might capture
the interest of the children. (Once we changed the sentences to discribe what
teddy and the child liked to eat at our teddy bear picnic.)
The children couldn't wait to show their parents their teddy bear poster!

*Five Little Bears: Counting up

One little bear
Wondering what to do
Along came another
Then there were two!

Two little bears
Climbing up a tree
Along came another
Then there were three!

Three little bears
Ate an apple core
Along came another
Then there were four!

Four little honey bears
Found honey in a hive
Along came another
Then there were five!

* Five Little Bears: Counting Down

Five little bears
Heard a loud roar
One ran away
Then there were four!

Four little bears
Climbing up a tree
One slid down
Then there were three!

Three little bears
Deciding what to do
One fell asleep
Then there were two!

Two little bears
Having lots of fun
One went home
Then there was one!

One little bear
Feeling all alone
Ran to his mother
Then there were none!

*Bear Stories
Good as New
It's the Bear and Where's My Teddy
Little Bear's Trousers
Old Bear
Cordury and A Pocket for Corduroy
The Big Hungry Bear

Where's My Teddy and It's The Bear by Jez Alborough
Corduroy and A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman
The Teddy Bears' Picnic-I have a few versians of the book and song
How Teddy Bears Are Made, A Visit to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (Ann
Morris & Ken Heyman)

* Movement Activity
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, reach up high
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, wink one eye,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, slap your knees,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, sit down please.

* Art Activity
Each child gets a button to glue on paper and draw a picture of where he or
she thinks Corduroy's lost button is.

*Each child gets assortment of Teddy Bear Grahams and grid paper to make
graph (& then eat!)

*Using Teddy Bear Counters for weighing with balance scale, sorting, and

*Pegboard with variety of cards with teddy bear stickers for sorting

*Video: Corduroy-has a train scene that wasn't in the book but the children
always love!

* Cinnamon Bear
simple bear shape (pre-cut for younger ones)
liquid glue

1) mix sugar and cinnamon
2) have older children cut out bear shape
3) children can place glue anywhere on the bear and add
cinnimon and sugar mixture

* IMAGINATION CORNER - set up the three bears house (cave)....beds could be
3 different sized towels...3 diff sized chairs, bowls

* MATH - measurements of the 3 towel, 3 chairs, 3 bowls
talk about sets of 3

* BEAR LACING - cut out and laminate bear shapes and use with colorful shoe

* BEAR TOAST - cut bear shape from toast with a bear cookie cutter, spread
with butter and sprinkle with cinn and sugar mixture.
(children can do all this)

Cinnamon, Cinnamon
Cinnamon Bear
Sitting on a kitchen chair.

Cinnamon sugar in a shaker.
Shake, shake, shake it
Like a baker.

Sprinkle it on buttered toast.
It's the treat
You'll love the most.

Cinnamon, Cinnamon,
Cinnamon Bear,
Do you think that we may share?

* BEAR AWARDS - teacher decides on award after looking at ea teddy, awards
are given with discription written on it.....for example:
Tallest Bear, Purplist Bear, Silliest Bear, Bear with the Biggest nose, Most
Hugged Bear, ect ect.

* ESTIMATION STATION - fill a container with Teddy Grahams and have each
child guess the number of crackers

* MUSIC/MOVEMENT - Sing "T-E-D-D-Y" to the tune of "Bingo". We also do
"Goldilocks, Goldilocks Turn Around".

Goldilocks, Goldilocks, turn around ,(turn around)
Goldilocks, Goldilocks, knock on the door. (knock with hands)
Goldilocks, Goldilocks, eat some porridge (pretend to eat)
Goldilocks, Goldilocks, have a seat. (squat)
Goldilocks, Goldilocks, go to sleep. (put cheek on folded hands.)
Goldilocks, Goldilocks, run, run, run. (run off)

* BOOKS - Blueberries For Sal - make blueberry muffins

*Glue sandpaper to tag board and then cut out bear shapes. Give the
children cinnamon sticks and let them rub the sticks on the
sandpaper. The bears will smell like cinnamon!

*Little Bear
(tune: Frere Jacques)
Are you sleepy, Are you sleepy
Little bear, little bear?
Wintertime is comming,
Wintertime is comming,
Very soon, very soon.
Find a cave, Find a cave,
Little bear, little bear
Wintertime is here,
Wintertime is here,
Go to sleep, go to sleep.
Are you sleepy, Are you sleepy
Little bear, little bear?
You will wake in springtime
In the warm, warm springtime
Little bear, little bear
Time to wake up, Time to wake up
Little bear, little bear
Springtime is here, Springtime is here
Wake up now, wake up now!

* Awards given out: (to each bear there)
Best Bear Family (who had the largest, smallest, unique)
Best Sports Bear
Best Celebrity Bear
Owner-Bear Look Alike
Well Worn - Most loved Bear
Most Patriotic Bear
Largest Bear/Smallest Bear

* Healthy bear Check Ups: (a certificate was given out to each bear signed
by a B.D. *bear doctor!*)
The B.D.'s checked the bears with stethescopes, blood pressure cuffs,
tongue depressors. If the bears had an ailment...they put a
band-aid or some gauze on it to make it better. The doctors prescribed Bear
Hug's twice daily and lots of bed rest with the owner.
Sometimes the bears had to have an x-ray. They had gotten ahold of some old
x-ray film and cut out teddy bear shapes from that. To
check their eyes, they put patches (with a pawprint on the front) over the
bear's eye and had them read which way the paw pointed (up,
down, left, right). Then because the sun was so bright, they had paper
sunglasses taped to the bear. This was also a great time to learn
about healthy bear snacks and exercises.

*Teddy Bear Health Certificate

Bear Patient

Next of Kin_________________________________________________________________
(put child's name here)

Well Bear__________Tender Loving Care Syndrome (TLC): Too Much____ Just
Right_____Not enough____

Ailing Bear Symptoms: Loss of Limb____ Paw____ Arm____ Leg____
(check one)

Stuffing Herniation______ Weakness of Auxiliary Seams______ Squint Due
to Loss of Eye______

Jaundice Due to Color Loss____________________ Old Age Debilitation

RX: Hug Bear Twice Daily__________
Bed Rest with Owner __________

Checked by: ________________________________
B.D. (Bear Doctor)

* Beary Loud Growl:
Each child had a chance to growl into a microphone.

* Teddy Toos:
Teddy Bear Tattoo's were applied to children's skin

* Have children bring in their teddy have some extras on
hand....Let the children count the total number of teddy bears

* Ask the children to sort the teddy bears by categories (size, color,
those wearing bows, etc.) Then count the number in each
category. Also, let the children come up with ideas for categories. Talk
about more and less.

* Review the concepts of heavy and light by having one child at a time hold
a different teddy bear in each hand. Which bear feels
heavier? Which feels lighter? Provide a balance scale to compare the weights
of different bears.

* Creative Movement with Teddy Bears
(do actions with the teddy bears to suit)

Pick your teddy bear up from the ground,
Then go dancing all around.
Hold him high and hold him low,
As round and round and round you go!

substitute other words/actions for the poem...

...Hold him left and hold him right,
Hold him tight with all your might!...

...Hold him close and hold him far,
Pretend that he can drive a car!....

...Hold him in front and hold him in back,
sit down with him on your lap!.....

Make up more verses with help from the children.

On your teddy bear day, let the children use any type boxes you have
saved...or ask each parent to bring one cereal box. Cut one side off
and attach yarn or cord. Have a parade around your school and let the
children pull their teddies in the carts. They might sing a song as
they walk to announce their parade!!

Teddy Bears -
Circle Time Ideas-Teddy Bear Freeze
Put some jazzy music on and encourage the children to make their bears dance
the way the music makes them want to dance. When the
music stops, yell, "FREEZE!!"
When everybody has frozen, start the music again and encourage them to dance.
Do this until they are tired.

Story-Goldilocks And The Three Bears
Try to find a copy with big, beautiful pictures Read the story, than do the

Sort Teddy Bears according to size
Which Teddy Bears could be the daddy bear? (The biggest bears)
Put them all in a pile.
Which bears could be the mama bear? (The medium sized bears)
Put those in a pile.
Which bears could be the baby bear? (The smallest bears)
Put them in a pile.
Count the bears in each pile
How many Large bears?
How many medium sized bears?
How many small bears?
How many bears all together?

Dramatic play
Pick one small bear, one medium sized bear and one large bear from the piles
and tell the story of Goldilocks And The Three Bears,
using the stuffed bears as actors. (a baby doll can be used for Goldilocks)
Have props available. (Bowls, chairs, blankets for beds) Let
the owners of the bears help. Encourage them to play act on their own during
center time. If they are willing, use a camcorder and tape
their performance.

Messy Table-Boo Boo Bears
What if your bear got hurt or sick? Set up a doctor table just for doctoring
bears. Make sure there are plenty of bandaids, ace bandages,
wraps, cold compresses, guaze pads, tape, injections (toy shots) stethoscope,
ear looker, tongue depressors and rubber gloves. You
would be amazed at all the stuff a hospital will give you if it is for
educating little ones. It can't hurt to ask. The children will spend a lot
of time at this table so have lots of stuff.

Cut & Color-Furry Sewing Cards
Cut Teddy Bear shapes out of sturdy cardboard ahead of time. Let the children
punch holes along the outside edges with a hole punch.
Then, let them glue small pieces of fur all over their sewing card. This will
make the card "feel" good while they are sewing.

Creative Art
Puffy Paint Bears
Cut bear shapes out of brown construction paper. Let the children paint with
the puffy paint by squeezing the paint out of bottles. The
paint will harden in a puffy shape. Recipe:Flour - salt - water - Tempera
mix equal amounts of flour, salt and water. Add liquid tempera paint for
Pour mixture into squeeze bottles.

Hide N Seek Bears
Before the children go outside, hide their bears all over the play yard. When
all of the bears have been found, let the children who want
to continue the game take turns hiding and finding the bears.

Teddy Bear Faces
Supplies:Cardboard, Wiggle Eyes or Large Sequins Scrap Fur Fabric, Glue
Each child had a teddy bear head cardboard cutout - circle with two circular
ear shapes in appropriate place. They had to glue on nose
and mouth shapes and eyes. We used wiggle eyes but large sequins would also
make interesting eyes. We also had scraps of fluffy
fabric for them to glue on the ears. Then they'd cut out strips of paper from
magazines and glue them to hang around the bottom half of
the teddy. We attached thread to the top so they could hang up like a mobile.

Teddy Plates
1 small paper plate,1 large paper plate, brown construction paper, glue or
tape or stapler (whatever works for you and your kids),
markers or crayons
Overlap small plate and lg plate (sm plate will be on top for the bears
head/ lg plate on bottom for the bears body). Glue them
together. Cut 6 circles out of const. paper.
2 for the ears, 2 for the hands and 2 for the feet...Glue them in place. I
let my kids draw their own eyes, nose, mouth...however they
want to decorate the bear is great!

Activity Bear Biscuits
3 tube-style refrigerator biscuits for each child
cinnamon sugar
ungreased baking sheet
Shape 1 biscuit into the body. Take the second biscuit and divide it into
four equal parts for then arms and legs. Take the third biscuit
and use half for the head and divide the remain half into fourths for the two
ears. Roll each piece in the cinnamon sugar. Put the pieces
together. Bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes. Serve with honey butter: 1/2 cup of
butter mixed with 4 tablespoons of honey.

Bears are IN!
Bears are OUT!
Grab a bear and give a shout!
Give me a B.
Give me an E.
Give me an A.
Give me an R.
Give me an S.
What have you got?

Clap, pat, etc, where you see (x). It takes a little practice but it's
worth it.


Once upon a time in the middle of the woods there were three bears.
One was a Papa bear, one was a Mama bear, one was a Wee Bear. (x) (x).

Along came the girl with the golden curls.
She knocked on the door but no one was there.
So she walked right in cause she didn't care.

Home, home, home, came the Papa bear,
Home, home, home, came the Mama bear,
Home, home, home, came the wee bear. (x) (x)

(change voice with each bear)
"Someone's been eating my porridge!" (x) said the Papa bear.
"Grrrrrrrr" (hold hands in
front like sharp claws)
"Someone's been eating my porridge! (x) said the Mama bear.
"Ahhhhhhh" (throw both
hands up in surprise)
"Hey-baba-ree-bear," said the little wee bear, "Someone has eaten my
soup! Hmmmmmph!"
(cross arms on chest and pout)

"Someone's been sitting in my chair!" said the Papa bear. "Grrrrrrrrr"
"Someone's been sitting in my chair!" said the Mama bear!" "Ahhhhhhh"
"Hey-baba-ree,bear," said the little wee bear, "Someone has broken my
seat! Hmmmmmph!"

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed!" said the Papa bear! "Grrrrrrrrr"
"Someone's been sleeping in my bed!" said the Mama bear. "Ahhhhhhhh"
'Hey-baba-ree-bear, said the little wee bear, "Someone is still in my
bed! Hmmmmmph!"

(Change to a whisper)
Just then Goldilocks woke up. (Scream, arms raised:) "Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

She jumped out of bed and she beat it out of there! (point with thumb)

"Bye, bye, bye," said the Papa bear. (wave)
"Bye, bye, bye," said the Mama bear. (wave)
"Hey-baba-ree-bear," said the little wee bear, "This is the end of our
tale. Hmmmmmph!"

Role play this story and have porridge (oatmeal, cooked in a crockpot) for
snack one day. It is a great opportunity to talk about going
into someone's home uninvited, comparing sizes by cutting out bears of
different sizes and sequencing them smallest to biggest.

(Traditional Lullaby)
Go to sleep, my Teddy Bear,
Close your little button eyes,
And let me smooth your hair.
It feels so soft and silky that,
I'd love to cuddle down by you,
So,Go to sleep, my darling Teddy Bear.

This is an excellent site with info about bears. Within the site, it leads
you to a site
appropriate for young readers". Within that site it has " 10 Interesting
Facts about
Bears "

Bear song (Tune: You Are My Sunshine)
Hug, hug, hug your bear
Squeeze him very tight
Hold him high
Help him fly
Then hug with all your might.
Tune: Row, row,row your boat
You are my teddy bear
My only teddy bear
You make me smile dear
You are my friend
You'll never know dear
How much I like you
I'm so glad you're my
Teddy Bear today.

Read Brinton Trinkle's Deep In the Forest. A picture book of a reverse
Goldilocks. The baby bear comes to Goldilock's house. It's really
funny and really cool.

Social Science
*Find out about the different habitats of the panda, grizzly and polar
bear. Locate on a world map.
*Contact the World Wildlife Fund for information regarding bears in the
*Visit the Zoo!