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#1231. Posting a graphic on Teachers Net

other, level: Advanced
Posted Wed Aug 4 14:04:21 PDT 1999 by Colleen:)/k-6 ().
Concepts Taught: Posting Graphic

This is how you post graphics - Often people want to know how to post graphics on teachers net in the Optnl Image Url section. This is how it is done...

I hope I can explain this well...

1. First you need to find a graphic. You can find graphics
anywhere on the net. You could even go to my page and find
one you like. Here are some sites with cute graphics.

2. Once you have found the graphic you want to use, right
click on it with your mouse.

3. A box will appear. You want to drag down to the word
Properties and click on that.

4. Another box will appear. It should say stuff like
protocol, type, address, and such. Go to the part that says
address. There is an internet address there that starts out
as http://... Highlight that address and then right click on
top of the highlighted address.

5. Another box will come up. You want to drag to copy and
click on that.

6. Now you can click ok on the bottom of the box that still

7. Now go to teachers net and post. In the part that says
Image URL - highlight the http://. Then right click on the
highlighted part. A box will pop up. Click on paste in that
Box. This should paste the address of the image in.

8. Now read your post to see if it worked.

It seems pretty complicated - but once you do it once it is
easy the next time. I suggest practicing on the board. Just
post as this is a test (NMG). Then you can practice.

I hope this helps!

Smiles - Colleen