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Grade: 1-2
Subject: Mathematics

#1236. "21" with money

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Aug 8 00:19:55 PDT 1999 by Carol (CNavar9181).
Manila Elem., Pleasant Grove
Materials Required: cards with coin stamped or copied onto them
Activity Time: 30-45 min. initially, 5 min. per game after
Concepts Taught: Recognizing value of coins/adding money

I have stamps with each of the coins face on it. Each child stamps a set of his own cards (so he can take it home and play with his family). I usually do about 5 half dollar cards, 10 quarter cards, 20 dime cards, 20 nickel cards and 10 penny cards. You could copy them if you didn't have the stamps.
Children are divided into small groups 4 or 5. One child is the dealer, and the rest play (this rotates after each round). The object of the game is to get as close to "21" (this number can change, the dealer calls it, and it's best if it's not "exact". 37 is better than 35)WITHOUT GOING OVER ! Play begins by each player putting a chip (any kind of marker, bean, disk, paper, etc.)into the center. The dealer deals each player a card. After looking at their card, each player determines if he wants another card, or if he wants to stay with what he has. Once a decision has been made to stay, he can't change his mind. The dealer continues to deal cards to those who want them, until everyone has stayed. Then one by one each player lays his cards out for everyone to see, and starting with the largest coin, counts out his money. After all children have counted out their hands, they decide who came closest to the target number without going over, and that person wins the jack-pot (or counters in the middle). At the end of math time the person with the most counters in each group wins a candy from the teacher. The students are getting an extrordinary amount of adding coins, and recognizing their value, but they just think they're playing a game. They love to take their deck of cards home and play with their families! This is a game they keep in their desk and play on snowy days, or when they're finished quickly.