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Re: Shoes Unit
Posted by Colleen:)/K-6 on 8/07/99

On 8/07/99, Claudia wrote:
> Looking for any fun unit materials/ideas/activities
> suitable for a 1st grade unit on shoes. Thanks!


These may help

TeePee added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

Make a teepee. Come inside.
Pull down tight so we can hide.
Around the mountain... here we go!
Here's my arrow. Here's my bow.

Golden Shoe added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

I saw a great idea in a book once where a teacher painted an old pair of
sneakers with gold spray paint and put bright colored laces in. All the
children wanted to practice tying their laces.

Sad Rabbit added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

Once there was a rabbit who was very sad because his ears were so
long and narrow that he stepped on them all the time. One day a fairy
landed on the bunny's head. She lifted up the bunny's ears and
crossed them over like an x. Then she put one ear through the bottom
of the x and pulled. Next, she made each long ear into a loop and
made another x like before. She put an ear under that x and pulled
again. From then on the bunny remembered how to tie his ears into a
bow, and he lived happily every after.

Boxed Shoe added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

Have the children bring in a small shoe box. Paint the boxes and
make them look like a shoe. Poke about 6 holes in the top to look
like the top of the shoe. Take two different color shoelaces and tie
them in a knot. Then lace up the shoe (box) the two different colors
make it easier for them to see what part goes where.

Tie these laces added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

Collect misc.. plastic lids from butter containers, coffee cans,
peanut cans, etc. Use a hole punch, or hammer and nail to make holes
in lids. You can make a straight line, circle around the edge,
criss-cross and more. then for each lid, thread a shoelace through
one hole. use these lids for lacing activities for you children.

Shoe on a board added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

Another idea for practicing tying: I think sometimes it is hard for
the children to work on their own shoe. I got a small shoe--can buy
some at yard sales--and had it nailed down to a board. The child can
sit the shoe in front of himself/herself and practice on it. You
could have several.

I've tried to tie you, shoe added 6/1/98

Original Author Unknown

I've tried and tried to tie you, shoe
I've never done it yet
A loop that flip flops on the floor
Is as close as I can get

I've practiced on spaghetti
I've practiced on the mop
I've practiced on my sister
until she made me stop

So, here's the loop again. shoe
I'll hold it with my thumb
I'll wrap the other end around
and yank it into bows
It's done!

Materials Needed:

Shoelaces, yarn or plastic lacing
Crayons, stickers, stamps, glitter, buttons, and various things to decorate
shoes with.
Hole punch

Trace child's shoe on cardboard and cut it out (cereal boxes work great).
Punch 3 sets of holes on each cardboard shoe. Children can decorate shoes
with crayons, stamps, glitter, stickers, or glued on buttons. Lace and tie
the shoes for younger children. The older children can practice lacing and
tying their shoes.

Teaching is a Work of Heart

Re: shoes and math old idea to me but mite be new to you
Posted by first grade teacher on 8/07/99

Have children sit around a graphing mat, they take off one
shoe and place them on the graph one at a time. You'll have a
row for tie shoes, velcro, buckle, slip on, whatever.
After discussing the results of the concrete graph.( the most,
how many more, etc) give each child the same size piece of
paper approx. 5x4inches. They take their shoes to their
tables and each child draws a picture of his/her shoe trying
to show a lot of detail. Now take these papers and make
another graph on a piece of butcher paper using the pictures
instead of the acutal shoes. This will take the children from
the concrete to representational graphs. Ma


Re: Where will your shoes go??
Posted by aggie/1/ca on 8/07/99

This is an intro to co-operative learning-- Pair up children who
will work fairly well together. Give the pair just ONE piece of
paper and crayons. Have them discuss places they would like to
go to. Their task is to decide on a place they would BOTH like
to go to. They then draw a picture together and write or
dictate a sentence or 2 to go w/it.

You could also do some activities w/the rhyme "One, Two, Buckle
My Shoe"

Claudia, the March/April 1999 issue of CopyCat has an entire
unit for this topic (the first week in March is National
Shoe Week).
Brief Summary of Activities:
1. list every kind of footwear that you can think of!
2.Read Whose Shoe by Margaret Miller--discuss different roles
and type of shoe
3.Sort shoes by attributes
4. count by two(students stand in circle and step forward
as group counts)
5. do patterning with there shoes
6. estimating size-set time limit--have students find 2 people
who have similar shoe size,larger,smaller....
7. graphing--color,soles, type of closure
8. Silly Shoe Day(every one wears their silliest "shoes"
9.there is a shoe poem form
10.b. board idea--children color a paper cut out to
resemble themselves and mount on popcicle stick. These
are placed in a large shoe on bulliten board(stick slides into
slits in shoe)
11. shoe done outside
12. some really nice "forms" for duplication to use with
13. a list of shoe books....
But they left out my favorite.....Alligator Shoes


Re: feet tied to math
Posted by deb on 8/08/99


I. Whose Shoe? Margaret Miller
Shoes Elizabeth Winthrop

Sort shoes by categories:
buckle --- no buckle
white --- black
heel --- no heel

Compare and Contrast Shoe Rubbings
Hold the shoe between legs. Rub bottom on scrap paper with old
crayon pressing hard. Now sort from rubbings:
words---no words

II. How Many Feet in the Bed? Diane Johnston Hamm
ISBN 0-671-89903-1
There are _____ people in the bed.
There are _____ feet in the bed.
There are _____ toes in the bed.

III. The Foot Book By Dr. Suess
Find out how many feet are in The Foot Book. How many pairs of
feet are in the story? Use pictures, numbers, and words to
explain your answer.

Extension: Draw all the living things that live in your house.
How many feet?

IV. How Big is a Foot? Rolf Myller
Math and Literature (K-3) Book One by Marylin Burns

Read How Big is a Foot until the apprentice went to jail.
Discuss apprentice's problem. Write letter to the apprentice
and offer him advice how to get out of jail. Or write to the
king explaining why it isn't fair that the apprentice went to

V. The Napping House By Audrey Wood
Math and Literature (K-3), Book Two by Marylin Burns
Read the story. When all the sleepers were piled up how many
feet were in the bed? Explain your answer using pictures,
numbers, and words.

Vl. Exploring nonstandard measurement with shoes

Give a group of students several objects of varying lengths to
examine and sort into groups. Students can then find 10 objects
in the classroom that are one shoe in length, thereby,
practicing the estimate and confirm strategy. Repeat for two
shoe lengths.

How many shoes long are you? How many shoes long is your
How many shoes long is a table? How many shoes long is the
Discuss proper measurement techniques:
no gaps between shoes; no overlaps; no part hanging over

Find a tiled floor in the building. Estimate how many shoes to
go around a tile. Measure and confirm. After completing edge
measurements of the desk, table, a tile, introduce the
vocabulary perimeter.

Advanced Challenges
How many shoes to go around the room? Body Measurement --
Estimate their height in shoes. Measure to confirm. Next
measure arm span. Often I have students paint a picture of
themselves then measure and label the parts on the painted

VII. "Counting Feet" 50 Problem Solving Lessons Grades 1-6
pages 41-42

VIII. Graph "Do your shoes have laces, buckles, velcro,
plain?" How to assess Problem- Solving Skills in Math

Resources for Feet Unit
Whose Shoe? Margaret Miller
Shoes Elizabeth Winthrop
How Many Feet in the Bed? Diane Johnston Hamm
ISBN 0-671-89903-1
The Foot Book By Dr. Suess
How Big is a Foot? Rolf Myller
Math and Literature (K-3) Book One by Marylin Burns
The Napping House By Audrey Wood
Math and Literature (K-3), Book Two by Marylin Burns
"Counting Feet" 50 Problem Solving Lessons Grades 1-6
"Do your shoes have laces, buckles, velcro, plain?" How to
assess Problem-Solving Skills in Math


Re: Poem for B.B idea/outdoor games
Posted by S.J. on 8/08/99

Since the shoe thing has gained some interest, here is the
poem to go with the b.board idea(There Was A Teacher) and
suggestions for outdoor games.

There Was A Teacher

There was a (first) grade teacher
who taught in a shoe.
Whe had lots of great students
who knew what to do.
At reading time, they listened so
During spelling, every word they
could spell.
At math time, problems were
solved in a breeze.
During social studies, they learned
At science time, labs were finished
with style.
When it was time to go home, they
skipped off with a smile.

Games(Playground type!!!)

Shoe Fling
Invite entire class to line up in a row.Have each student
loosen or untie one shoe. At your command the students remove
shoe and fling it across the play ground. Whose shoe went
the farthest?

Teamwork (need grassy area)
All students will need tie shoes.
Kids form line, touching shoulder to shoulder.
Each student ties his left lace to his neighbor's right lace
and the right lace to the neighbors left(they are all tied in
a line :).People at the end will have only one shoe tied.
Now, challenge the group to follow simple commands---take 3
steps forward, take two steps back, take one step to the
(Personally, I would do this in groups of two to four people
and provide twine for those who did not have tie shoes--)

Shoebox Shuffle
You need 2 shoe boxes for each team (divide class into 2 or
more teams)

Follow the typical rules for a relay race. However, all
runners must wear shoeboxes on their feet. They must keep the
boxes on their feet for the entire leg of the race and pass
them on to the next runner who will do the same.
(Illustration shoes cover attached and part cut away so that
childrens feet will slide into box)


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