Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#1240. It's Magic: Room Theme

, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Aug 9 16:42:18 PDT 1999 by Leslie Cooper (
Temple Dor Dorim, Weston, Florida
Materials Required: Imagination
Activity Time: As you like it!
Concepts Taught: Integrating Room Concepts

A while back I posted asking for some help with a Magic
Carpet room theme; each classroom in our facility will have
a transportation theme for our inaugural year!

I've been working on this for the last month and I want to
thank everyone for all their help! Special thanks to Amy
who has shared so many wonderufl ideas with me.

I thought I'd post an outline here and will be happy to
give more detailed info to anyone interested if you e-mail

Hallway Bulletin Board-Magic Carpet made of felt layered in
3 colors, with fringe and tassles on the corners. I will
mount photos of the children on stars on and around the

A carpet square on the floor outside the door sponge
painted with stars; a sign on the door says: ALAKAZAM,

Check in board and schedule. Caption: EVERY DAY IS MAGIC!

Center Boards - MAGIC TIME (acronym) Mastering Activities
Geared toward the Imagination of Children

Rules: THE MAGIC WORDS (brainstorm the rules with kiddos)

Clean Up Teams: Abracadabra: WITH A WAVE OF OUR WANDS

Childrens' Art Work Boards Caption: MAKING MAGIC

Open House Art Activity: Using an idea posted on the mail
ring. Have white construction paper for each child. Write
the child's name lightly on the back in pencil so you know
who gets which paper. Ahead of time, in the front lower
margin, write the child's name boldy in white crayon. They
won't know about it...then have each child draw a self
portrait in crayon. Then have them wash over the entire
picture with a thin blue wash, as the sky. When they do
this, their names will magically appear. (Thanks, Martina
Henke) I will mount these pictures on the hallway board for
the first day of school and then put these into a class
book in our library!