Grade: Middle
Subject: Geography

#1242. Technology and geography

Geography, level: Middle
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Materials Required: Varies
Activity Time: Varies
Concepts Taught: 5 themes, etc...

Go to my web page there are some lessons broken down by regions. It is still under construction but there are several to view. Submit some of your own lessons and I will post them.
Here is a sample:
Power Point Lesson Plan

Title -- Power Point Presentations on the Five Themes of Geography
Level -- 9th grade
Subject -- World Geography
Overview -- working in pairs, students will use a multimedia world atlas, Encarta Multimedia Encyclopedia and the Internet (as well as any text materials found in the library) to research information about a specific region of the world. Next the students will analyze their information, apply it to the Five Themes of Geography and find pictures that show examples for each theme. Finally, the students will create a Power Point presentation that presents their findings and relates the Five themes to their region. To guide the students in the creation of this project they will be shown a sample presentation over Africa.
Knowledge Goals -- the students will learn about the Five Themes of Geography and how the are applied to regions that we study.
Skill Goals -- the students will gain research, presentation and computer skills.
Affect Goals -- the students will learn to work cooperatively and collaborate on a project.
Teaching Plan
Handout Materials -- instruction sheet and scoring guide.
Software -- multimedia atlas (e.g. Mindscape Multimedia World Atlas), Microsoft's Power Point, and Microsoft's Encarta Multimedia Encyclopedia.
Hardware & Arrangement -- Personal Multimedia computer with 486 processor or higher (Pentium II preferred), Microsoft Windows 95/98 operating system, 8MB -- 16MB of RAM, 25 -- 60MB of available hard disk space, 4X CD-ROM drive, SVGA monitor, mouse, Zip drive (optional but recommended) and Internet connection with minimum 14.4kbs modem or connection through a LAN.
Student Grouping -- groups of two.
Prerequisite Instruction -- the students will need to be familiarized with each of the Five Themes as well as the use of the computers and the software. The information will be teacher presented as well as class discussion.

Working in-groups of two you will research information about the Five Themes of Geography for a specific region in the world. You will need to find pictures and information to give examples for each of the themes. Finally you will compile your research and pictures to create a Power Point presentation that relates the Five themes for your assigned region.

Complete the following steps for your project:
I. Using your textbook, encyclopedias and almanacs to research each of the Five Themes as they apply to your region.
II. Use the World Atlas, Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROMS and the Internet to find pictures to use as examples for each of the Five Themes.
III. Sketch out a storyboard as a rough draft for your Power Point presentation (must be approved before moving on to step IV.)
IV. Create a Power Point presentation that has a minimum of seven slides.
 Title slide that includes the names of the group members.
 Minimum of one slide for each of the Five Themes with pictures.
 Bibliography citing all references used.
 All slides must have transitions and may include the following: sounds, hyperlinks, and video clips (keep these to a minimum to conserve space).
V. Present final product to the class.

 You and your partner must discuss and decide on the best way to divide the work evenly so both of you contribute equally to the project!