Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#1263. ABC Book Publication

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Sat Aug 21 18:37:46 PDT 1999 by Ms. C. (
Hill Elementary School, Minnesota
Activity Time: 6-9 Months
Concepts Taught: Writing/Research

Create an ABC Book
My fifth graders truly enjoy this activity. Research ABC books in your library. Study the format of the books. Choose a topic of interest and research it. Find out information about your topic from A - Z. Example: the state of Minnesota---"A is for Axes. An army of axes cut down much of the forest in Minnesota." Or the topic may be cartoons---"F is for Fred Flinstone." After the students have a rough draft written in a notebook, they have it proof-read by parent/teacher and transfer it to a Bare Big Book that you can purchase from BareBooks, Inc. They must use lots of color in their illustrations and they need to have the cover drawn on a piece of art paper before they put the final touches on the book. They love the idea and they have a keepsake to show at graduation!