Grade: 3-5
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1270. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Aug 23 05:04:53 PDT 1999 by deb ().
Materials Required: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Concepts Taught: a whole morning of activities for a sub

This is actually for a day that you decide to integrate all day. I leave this
for a substitute. I put the plans and all the necessary papers, book, etc in
a basket for an emergency sub day.


Probable Passage:
1. Read this list of words to the kids (I also write it on the board):
shiny, red pebble
lion scared
dogs searching
rain ceased
Acorn Road
Mrs. Duncan
howling all night

2. Talk about how to write a story. For example,

Once upon a time there was a wolf named Sylvester. He had a friend that was a
lion. The lion was scared of a shiny, red pebble he found on Acorn Road. The
dogs were searching and howling all night long. Sylvester wishes his friend
wasn't afraid.

Give the kids the lined paper with donkeys on it. Have them write a story
using the above words. If they don't use all the words it is ok or even if
they only use a few words. Whatever they do is ok. We'll repeat this
activity several times throughout the year.

Have the kids stop writing after 10 minutes. Call on 4 or 5 volunteers to
share what they have written so far.
Let them write about 5-10 more minutes. Then collect their papers.

Have them sit by the white board on the floor. Read to the kids. Tell the
kids "Let's find out the way that the author, William Steig, used these

4. Do together --- List cause and effects on board.


Cause Effect
Sylvester collects rocks He finds a red, shiny pebble.
Sylvester wished the rain would stop. It ceases.
Sylvester sees a lion He is frightened.
He is frightened He wishes he is a rock
Parents were worried They looked for Sylvester
Sylvester was lost Parents went to police
Parents found pebble Mother wished for Duncan
Duncan found Everybody happy

5. Have kids write advice on star shaped paper
Do you have a magic pebble that makes wishes come true? If you do, take my
advice and remember these two things. ....

6. Share papers

7. A Map of Oatsdale
Talk about maps. Maps help people know how to get around.

Begin by asking the class where Sylvester lived. He lived on Acorn Road in
Oatsdale. Then reread to the class the part in the story that tells about
Sylvester being less than a mile away from his home during the time that he
was a rock.

Have the class brainstorm parts of Oatsdale. MODEL Draw the places on the
board. Then have the kids make own map or work with partners or small
groups. They can pick.

Strawberry Hill
Acorn Road
the Duncan's home
the place where Sylvester found the magic pebble
lion's home

8. As a final end of the day activity, I give each child a red spray painted pebble (little rocks from the beach) as a sstory bit. The kids love going home and telling their parents about the story. To know more about story bits, read Cheryl's 4 blocks article about them. :0 deb