Subject: Language

#1276. all about me

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Aug 28 15:05:03 PDT 1999 by leslieK. (
hickory hills elementary, spfd. mo
Materials Required: white construction paper
Activity Time: 2 20 minute settings
Concepts Taught: class builder

Have the students create a t-shirt which tells about them!
Fold a piece of white construction paper in half lengthwise.
Cut out a rounded area for the neck of the shirt. Go to the side of the paper, cut out a "v" shape to create the sleeve. This is harder for children than it sounds. Practice once--You may even want to cut a couple of patterns for those students who have trouble with scissors.
Cut some of the length of the bottom. Save the strips for other activities. In the center of the shirt, have the student either write their name or draw a picture of themselves,(or both). Around their center, have them draw pictures of their interests. They need to color their pictures. Put them of a bullentin board or outside your classroom to introduce your students to the school. Kids really enjoy looking at their classmates lives.