Grade: Elementary

#1287. ABC books

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Sep 4 16:55:42 PDT 1999 by Sheri (
DeMotte Christian, DeMotte, IN, USA
Materials Required: alphabet books
Activity Time: it's up to you
Concepts Taught: Writing

I begin a unit on alphabet books by reading Chris VanAalsburg's book "The Z was Zapped". Then I have each of my students pick a letter, brainstorm new ideas, and create their own page. This is bound together for a class book.
Then I spend a few days looking at all different kinds of alphabet books.
After this, we brainstorm possible topics. Each student picks a topic and begin writing. Besides coming up with a noun for each letter, they also must write a sentence. For example: R is for robins. Robins have red breasts.