Grade: Elementary

#1288. Sight Word Bingo

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Sep 4 18:21:11 PDT 1999 by Lisa Haynes (
East Hartford High School, East Hartford, CT
Materials Required: Bingo Cards, Chiplike manipulative, Index cards
Activity Time: 10 minutes a game
Concepts Taught: Strengthen literacy skills

If interested in templates, I can send to you. E-mail your request to You will need to make the cards with the words and supply your own chips.

I try and get through several games and try not to use each of the words more than once in a given instructional period.

I tell the student that they win if they get at least 4 words in any four spaces. As I am still making some templates but am happy to share. The prize is usually a breakfast bar as most of the students don't eat breakfast.