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Grade: Middle
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#1291. Geometry on a grand scale

, level: Middle
Posted Wed Sep 8 05:07:34 PDT 1999 by Rob Merrigan (
St Bernard's College, Essendon Australia
Materials Required: String (about 2 metres long) and chalk for each group
Concepts Taught: Basic geometrical constructions

This activity I use at the completion of my Year 7 or 8 geometry unit. The students have all had experience completing the following geometric constructions using a compass, ruler and pencil
1. Bisecting lines
2. Bisecting angles
3. Construction of right angles, 60, 45 and 120 degrees
4. Construction of the polygons with 3, 4, 6 and 8 sides

I then take the class outside and working in groups of 3 or 4 they have reproduce each of these constructions in a large scale using string and chalk. The string is used as the compass. Each group needs to complete each of the given constructions required. I then mark each construction out of 10 based on accuracy, understanding and cooperation. With care the students can finish with quite accurate constructions that are set.
Great activity for an outside basket ball court where you can use the lines of the court can be used.

Remember to have a camera - great designs to finish with