Grade: Elementary
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#1296. 100% for Open House

other, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Sep 14 15:13:34 PDT 1999 by Deb Hudolin (
Elwood School, Elwood, Illinois
Materials Required: checklist of activities/projects to share, clipboard

Prepare a checklist of all the activities you would like your children to share with their parents at open house. Have the children put the papers in the clipboard and have them situated on the desks. As the parents and children arrive for Open House, they begin working their way through the activites. I have parents sitting and DOING all over the room. This way, they have a better understanding of the purpose for the activities and can relate better when the activites are discussed at home. Last year I had 100% attendance!! I also have the parents/children/grandparents participate in a graph (usually month of birth) that we use the next day in class. I take a lot of pictures and make a book for the children. They write the captions.