Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#1297. Periodic Poetry

Science, level: Middle
Posted Tue Sep 14 21:40:59 PDT 1999 by Roxanne Plaskon (Rplaskon@AOL).
Andover West Middle School, Andover, MA 01810
Materials Required: Coffee Filters, Poetry Template, Markers, Spray bottle with water, Word processor
Activity Time: 20 minute class period and 2 nights homework
Concepts Taught: At the conclusion of this lesson students will be more familiar with various elements

PREREQUISITE SKILLS students should have a basic understanding of the periodic table and understand sompe properties of various elements

PROCEDURE In class have students color in their coffee filter with water color magic markers, completely covering the entire filter on one side. Spray the filter generously with water so that the colors run( not too much or the color will wash out) Allow the filters to dry overnight. Pass out

poetry guidelines for homework and have the students choose

1 or more elements from the periodic table and write at least 3 different types of poems about an element for homework. The following night have the students choose their best work and type a final copy of the poem to be pasted in the center of their filter.

CLOSURE THis lesson provides students with an opportunity to discover scientific facts about an element(s) and express what they have learned about the properties of these elements in a creative manner.

Poetry Template

Instructions: Choose an element(s) from the periodic table and write at least 3 DIFFERENT poems about it. Using the formats provided. You may want to research an element you are not familiar with to gather more knowledge aout its' properties. A thesaurus may be a useful toolfor this assignment. Have Fun!

CINQUAIN POEM 5 line poem

Line 1 a noun

Line 2 two adjectives

Line 3 three verbs ending in -ing

Line 4 a phrase

Line 5 a noun ( the same as line 1 or different)

HAIKU 3 Line poem

Line 1 has 5 syllables

Line 2 has 7 syllables

Line 3 has 5 syllables


Write the name of the element in a verticle column and using the each letter, describe the element


Think of how the element may change and write a 6 line poem following this pattern

I used to be _________

But now I am___________

I used to be ____________

But now I am__________

I used to be ___________

But now I am____________

Periodic Poetry Sample Poems

Cinquain Neon

gaseous, stable

illuminating, flashing, reacting

Lighting up city skys at night


HAIKU Nitrogen, a gas

In this state I do explode!

Fire in the sky


Sixteen is its' atomic number

Unique element

Lighter than iron


Ultimately needed by humans

Referred to as brimstone in Genesis


I used to be just Sodium

But now I am sodium chloride, that's salt!

I used to be just Oxygen

But now I am H20, that's water!

I used to be just an element

But now I am a compund