Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#1302. Multo - game

Mathematics, level: all
Posted Wed Sep 15 15:09:13 PDT 1999 by Kerryn Pridgeon (
St. Joseph's College, Echuca, Australia
Materials Required: 2 sets of cards numbered 0 - 9
Activity Time: As long as you like!
Concepts Taught: Multiplication Practice, Basic Probability, Strategy

This is a great skills practice, time filler, lesson starter or reward for good behaviour. It is not my original idea, but one given to me at a conference. The kids love it!

MULTO (very similar to Bingo)
Students draw up a 4 x 4 grid and fill in each square with a number.

The two sets of cards numbered 0 - 9 are separated into two piles and a card is picked up from each pile. Students multiply to two numbers together and if that number appears on their grid, they cross it off. This continues until someone has either: row of 4, column of 4, diagonal of 4, or the 4 corners crossed off.

The smallest number possible is 0 x 0 and the largest 9 x 9. The kids soon realise there is not much point putting a number like 11 in their grid as there is no chance of it appearing!

I usually have a chocolate frog (or something similar) for the winner of each game.