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#1306. Diez Y Seis (History of and Celebration )

other, level: all
Posted Sun Sep 19 09:33:04 PDT 1999 by Syndra Schulze (
AJ Briesemeister Middle School, Seguin, Texas
Materials Required: handouts/flags to color/Mex.flag/video of Diez Y Seis
Activity Time: 90 minute block
Concepts Taught: Spanish lang/culture/history of Mexico

Teacher obtains or tapes video of El Grito and the Diez Y Seis Ceremonies and Celebrations. (It is on the Spanish television stations)(Late on the night of Sept 15)
Students color paper flag of Mexico.Students read handouts on history of Deiz y Seis (internet source). Students highlight impt parts w/ markers. (A school showcase is also put together by Students, explaining Diez Y Seis).
Final activity: Students watch the Diez Y Seis video and they fill out a "viewer's guide" while they do so.