Grade: all

#1310. A Book about Me from A to Z

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Fri Sep 24 12:37:39 PDT 1999 by Lyn Blaylock (
Calhoun City High School, Calhoun City, MS USA
Materials Required: paper, pen, and magazines,
Activity Time: Self-paced project
Concepts Taught: creative writing, literary techniques, multigenre writing


DIRECTIONS: Follow the instructions for each assignment. If the assignment has two steps, use the first step as pre- writing or brainstorming. You will combine everything into a one book. You will need to create a personal cover and a table of contents. Each assignment must have an original title.

Assignment 1: YOUR ROOTS
1. Research your family's beginnings by composing a family tree.
2. Share a special family story that will give some insight to your family's history. Write the story in narrative form.

Assignment 2: YOUR BIRTH
1. Ask your mother or father about the day you were born. Where did your name originate?
2. Write a birth announcement or newspaper article announcing your birth.

Assignment 3: EARLY LIFE
1. Remember your childhood. Tell someone a favorite story from your childhood.
2. Write a poem about many childhood memories or a single childhood memory.

Assignment 4: FAMILY
1. Use the rippling technique to describe one family member to whom you are close.
2. Write a character sketch describing that family member.

Assignment 5: SIBLINGS
1. Make a chart comparing and contrasting you to a sibling. If you are an only child, you may compare yourself to a friend, cousin, or parent.
2. Using the information from the chart, write a comparison/ contrast paper.

Assignment 6: I'M BUGGED
1. Make a list of things that really bug you.
2. Pick one to elaborate on. Create an advertisement to stop that behavior that bugs you. Use color and an original picture to make your ad creative.

Assignment 7: SPECIAL TIMES
1. Write a short story in third person about a special time in your family.

Assignment 8: I'M UNIQUE
1. Use old magazines, scissors, and glue to create a collage. Make a collage that illustrates you and your personality.

Assignment 9: LIFE'S MESSAGES
1. Brainstorm a list of mottoes or sayings that have affected you in your life.
2. Choose one of your messages, mottoes, or sayings. Write an essay about the saying telling how this message is important to you and how it affects you and your life.

Assignment 10: WHAT NO ONE KNOWS
1. Who are you? What dreams or hopes do you have? What worries or frightens you? What do you care about?
Write a letter to the world on a serious subject and your feelings or stand on an issue.