Grade: all
Subject: Mathematics

#1312. Help students stay focused on long division problems

Mathematics, level: all
Posted Fri Sep 24 21:36:43 PDT 1999 by Esmer L. Rodriguez (
O'Grady Elementary, Mission, Texas USA
Materials Required: paper, pencil
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: division

The studens write:

this three letters and the down arrow vertically right next to
each division problem. As they go about working the division
problem the check of the corresponding letter. For example the
number 843 divided by 4. First the student needs to divide
8 by the four. Once the student writes the 2 on quotient the
student is expected to draw a check mark beside the "D". Then
the next letter under the "D" is the "M" which tells the student
that the next step is to multiply the 2 and the 4. So the student
multiplies and checks off the "M". The following letter under the
"M" is the "S" which reminds the student that the next step
in the division process is to subtract the 8 minus 8. Finally,
the down arrow under the "S" is indicating that the next step
is to bring down the next number from the dividend. The student
continues following the D,M,S, and down arrow process by checking
off throughout the process.
It has worked very well with my fourth graders.
After they become familiar with the process, then they no longer
have to use it. However, when I introduce this objective, I
expect them to write down the D,M,S and down arrow right next to
every single division problem that they have to solve.