Grade: all
Subject: Art

#1316. Profiles

Art, level: all
Posted Sat Sep 25 13:18:53 PDT 1999 by Conner (
Independent Monti., Los Angeles, CA
Materials Required: Black construction paper, Overhead projector, white chalk, scissors
Activity Time: One Class Period
Concepts Taught: Sketching Profiles

Have your students partner up into groups of two. Partner A and Partner B. Tape a sheet of black construction paper to the wall and shine your overhead projectors light on the paper. Have partner A sitt down to cast the shadow of his or her profile on the paper. Have partner B trace the shadowed profile on the construction paper with white chalk. Then let the students switch so that each has their profile drawn. Next they can cutt out their shape along the chalk line.
Another idea once the profile is completed is to have the students write words or cutt out pictures that describe them and have them attach those to their profile. It's good right before back to school night if you need quick decoration. After we try to guess whose head is whose.