Grade: all
Subject: Literature

#1317. Book Reports Alive

Literature, level: all
Posted Sat Sep 25 13:27:49 PDT 1999 by Conner (
Indepndent Monti., Los Angeles, CA
Materials Required: Imagination
Activity Time: One Class Period
Concepts Taught: Better Book Reports

My 7th grade English class was producing the same boring book reports every month so I tried this idea to spice it up. After the student has completed a book they must give an oral bookreport in full character. I had some students dress up although I did not require them to. Each one went up and talked about the story as if they were one of the main charcters, Without giving away the ending!!! For example if a student read "Anne Frank" they could pretend to be Anne Frank and tell us about some of the things that Anne is feeling and experiencing in the novel. You'll find that students us their creativity and the class is entertained.