Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1320. guided reading Three Little Pigs (plus wolf, javalinas)

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: several books listed in the lesson
Activity Time: 19 one hour lessons
Concepts Taught: nonfiction, fiction, KWL, reading, writing, comprehension


I do this unit in the spring of second grade. I do not have the Houghton Mifflin Invitations to Literacy. I developed this unit for my students over the course of the last ten years. I wish I had the book available to me! I so have 10-15 copies of each story. I have included the isbn numbers for you to get find the books used in this basal.

Invitations to Literacy Houghton Mifflin
Oink, Oink, Oink --- Grade Three Unit

Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig
by Eugene Trivizas
illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
ISBN 068981528X

What's Up, Pup?
By Lyle Prescott
A Ranger Rick article featuring a frisky wolf pup at play

This Little Piggy!
By Linda Granfield
Why pigs love mud, and other fun facts from Owl magazine

The Three Little Javelinas
by Susan Lowell
illustrated by Jim Harris
ISBN 0873585429
(there is a soft cover but I couldn't find the ISBN)

My Hairy Neighbors
by Susan Lowell
Meet some real javelinas in an article from Ranger Rick

The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark
by Donivee Martin Laird
illustrated by Don Stuart
ISBN 0940350254
by Charles Ghigna
poem about pigs

books not in the basal but I used in the following unit:
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs ISBN 0140544518
a nonfiction book about wolves and a nonfiction book about pigs
Guided Reading Day 1
I select a typical "three little pigs" story (remember that those of you with the basal need to get this from another source) to read to the class. Then we begin the Graphic Organizer. I set the following headings going across the top of a paper in landscape.

Name of the Pig Book
Pig 1
Pig 2
Pig 3
Bad Guy
Did bad guy eat/kill pigs?
House 1 (who sold the goods; what kind of house was built?)
House 2
House 3

Guided Reading Day 2-3
Read Three Little Wolves and the Big, Bad Pig. Set the purpose for reading as looking for the answers to the graphic chart started yesterday with the typical three little pigs stories. Depending on your class and the kind of readers they are, you might finish this in two readings or one.

Guided Reading Day 4
Read the nonfiction story My Hairy Neighbors. Use The Teacher's Guide to Four Blocks, page 61 as a written reading response.

I learned a lot about Javelinas. I learned that __________________. I also learned that _________________. The most interesting thing I learned was ____________________________.

Guided Reading Day 5-6
Read The Three Little Javelinas. Set the purpose for reading as looking for answers to the graphic organizer from day one. I often will give the students sticky notes so they can mark the pages where they find the answers. You can have your students read in partners or in three ring circus, depending on how you readers are reading.

Guided Reading Day 7
You will begin a comparison chart. The two headings are make-believe and real. Have the children look at the stories from days 5, 6, and 7.

Guided Reading Day 8
Do a KWL about pigs. Then if you are using the basal the children can read "This Little Piggy!" If you aren't using the basal, you need a nonfiction book about pigs. There are many available. In The Teacher's Guide to Four Blocks, on page 68-69, there is a detailed explanation of KWL. I have my students write two facts they know on their own paper under "K". Then I have them write two questions for "W". Then after reading and learning about pigs they write at least two things they learned. I give them 2 sticky notes to put on the page where they find the answer to their two questions. Kids LOVE sticky notes!

Guided Reading Day 9
Add to comparison chart that you started with the javelinas. Now add the true and make believe elements about pigs.

Guided Reading Day 10
Read What's Up Pup? of another nonfiction article or book about wolves. There are many books available. If you don't have multiple copies, read one aloud. I have the magazine, Ranger Rick, where this was originally published. I read it to the students. I wish I had this basal!!! Set the purpose: Learning information about wolves. You can do a KWL about wolves, do the same writing activity you did for javelinas, make a list of wolf facts. Use your own idea and try to vary what activities you do.

Guided Reading Day 11
Read Aloud The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Now add the true and make believe elements about wolves. This story is NOT in the basal.

Guided Reading Day 12
Read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs again and add to the graphic organizer chart comparing all the versions of the three little pigs.

Guided Reading Day 13
Before you read The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark, you must do vocabulary for this story. There are vocab words highlighted in the basal.

Guided Reading Day 14
Read The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark

Guided Reading Day 15
After reading The Three Little Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark each student should complete his/her own comparison chart about THIS one story. Then the class should add to the class comparison chart.

Guided Reading Day 16
Read the poem, Pigs, by Charles Ghigna.

Pigs are playful
Pigs are pink
Pigs are smarter
than you think
Pigs are slippery
Pigs are stout
Pigs have noses
Called a snout
Pigs are pudgy
Pigs are plump
Pigs can run.
But never jump.
Pigs are loyal
Pigs are true
Pigs don't care for

Talk about the structure of the poem. There are basically 12 facts in this poem. The students can write their own poem about pigs, wolves, or javelinas using the chart that the class has been making throughout this unit.

********** teacher should type all the poems AND make copies for all the kids *********

Guided Reading Day 17
Read each of the other students poems. Might continue reading poems into the next day. A variation is to have groups of students write a poem for each animal: pig, javelina, and wolf.

Guided Reading Day 18
If you have the basal, on page 118-118 there is a play. Read it like Reader's Theatre.