Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1321. Thinking Aloud while reading My Father's Dragon

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 26 12:22:25 PDT 1999 by deb ().
Materials Required: My Father's Dragon
Activity Time: 10 minute daily for 10 days
Concepts Taught: think aloud, reading, thinking

My Father's Dragon
Ruth Stiles Gannett
ISBN: 0-394-89048-5

Mosaic of Thought
Ellin Oliver Keene and Susan Zimmermann
ISBN: 0-435-07237-4

I read the book Mosaic of Thought. It recommends modeling the thinking process. Mosaic of Thought is an excellent resource for teachers who are trying to teach comprehension in the reader's workshop. I took the recommendations to heart. I read aloud My Father's Dragon and modeled thinking outloud while the kids are listening.

Read chapter one. Teacher says: "I am wondering how the mean mom, the cat, and flying are tied together. What would make a cat weep? Why didn't the wild animals get the cat?

Read chapter two. Read until page 18, "His only friends are the crocodiles, who say 'Hello' to him once a week if they don't forget." Teacher says, "Isn't that sad! That makes me get a lump in my belly. I wonder if he'll get some friends." Keep reading chapter 2 until page 20 after the list of what the father is taking to the island is. Then the teacher could say something about I wonder why he is taking this stuff to the island? Finish reading chapter 2

Read Chapter 3 After the first sentence, "My father hid in the hold for six days and nights. Twice he was nearly caught when the ship stopped to take on more cargo." I wonder how no one caught him during that time? A little way down it talks about the grain bag and rubber band. Teacher says, "So that is why the father brought the grain sack. At the end of chapter 3 he walks on a whale. I stopped and went around the class having the class predict what they think will happen next. Teacher predicts that she thinks the whale will help him again maybe to rescue the dragon.

Read Chapter 4 Make little comments as they pop into your head. I look up at the ceiling to indicate I am thinking of ideas instead of reading them in the book.

Read Chapter 5 title. Then wonder, "I wonder if the tigers will eat the father?" I usually add probably not because the book is only in the middle and the story will be over if the father died. At the end of the chapter I say, "So that's why he brought gum in the knapsacks -- let's go back and read page 20 to see what other items he brought."

Read Chapter 6 title. Then wonder, "I wonder what things in the knapsack are going to help the father escape the rhinos. Read chapter.

Read Chapter 7 title. Then wonder, "What will the lion be too busy doing?" Read chapter. I knew he'd leave. I wonder how he tricks the other animals? What animals are left?

Read chapter 8 until end of page 68. The monkeys are combing the gorilla's hair. I wonder what is left in the knapsack to help the father?

Read Chapter 9. At the end of the chapter I say, "I find it interesting that he didn't have 17 lollipops. Instead he had 2 dozen. I wonder why?

Read Chapter 10.