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#1322. Verb practice & review - for. lang

Language, level: all
Posted Sun Sep 26 16:08:56 PDT 1999 by Ann Marie (
Kauakuna MS/HS, Kaukauna, WI
Materials Required: wooden dice, 3 X 5 cards, permanent marker
Activity Time: 10 min - 45 min.
Concepts Taught: verb conjugation

I had a friend make a bunch of small wooden dice for me, but instead of using dots, I wrote different pronouns on each side. (I, you, he, she, etc).
Next, I wrote the verbs that we have studied on 3 X 5 cards. Students take turns throwing the die, and choosing a card. The student then conjugates the
verb in the correct form. A correct answer gets a point. At the end of the playing time, the student with the most points, wins!
You may also up the ante by having students throw 2 dice - one with the pronoun, and one with the verb tense. For example, the student throws the pronoun
die and gets "yo", and the verb dice, and gets imperfect. The student then conjugates the verb in the imperfect yo form.