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#133. Vacation

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Posted by Kandi Newby (
Watts Public School, Watts, Ok USA
Materials Required: Reference material on different countries
Activity Time: As much as you want!!
Concepts Taught: Adjust as needed

This lesson plan has been my most successful one yet! Within this unit, the students will travel from country to country. Have students begin the unit by attaching two sheets of construction paper together, then fashion a "handle". This is to be their luggage...a place to keep up with handouts from the various countries they've visited. Next, make a passport! Be as creative as possible! Next, plan a "trip" to the country of their choice! This lesson plan is perfect because you can incorporate any concept that needs to be reinforced. Geography skills: locate the country. Language skills: write a summary about what they learned about that particular country! My students loved this unit so much they asked every day..."Where are we going today?". The culminating activity...a feast from around the world! Art projects can be scheduled when appropriate! For Mexico, we made pinatas. We learned Japanese words. For Russia, we made nesting dolls! The ideas are endless! Have fun on your travels!!!