Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1335. Alphabet Line-up

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Oct 2 05:19:27 PDT 1999 by Thad Schmenk (
Matsuyama JHS, Japan
Materials Required: Alphabet cards, two sets
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: Alphabet

Alphabet Line Up

This game is great for the ESL or TEFL classrooms.

1. The students will be able to put the letters of the alphabet in the correct order.
2. The students will practice working as a team.


1. Review the pronunciation of the letters of the alphabet by using oversized flashcards.You will
need two sets. (I use 8 1/2 by 11 size thicker paper)
2. Next, review the proper order of the letters by either writing the letters in their proper order on
the board or by having the students sing the alphabet song.
3. Now, have the students divide themselves into two teams. One team should meet at the front
of the room, the other should meet at the back.
4. The teachers should then scatter the letters of the alphabet-one set in the front, one set in the
back. (I like to mix up the letters in a pile first and then toss them about.)
5. Once the teacher says go, the first team to correctly alphabetize the alphabet cards wins.
(For older students, make sure to erase the alphabet you may have written on the board. For
younger students, leaving the alphabet for the first try may be helpful. Then have the students
play the game again but without the alphabet on the board.