Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#1339. Patterns and Paper Weaving

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Nov 7 06:01:51 PST 2000 by Juliana Galiyas (
Indinana University Of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA USA
Materials Required: objects w/pattern designs, objects w/o pattern designs, 1x12 strips,12x18 construction paper
Concepts Taught: Patterns

Following a class discussion and an art activity, the learner will explain the art concept of pattern.
After examining objects given to the student, the learner will identify object that display pattern.
Following a teacher demonstration, the learner will weave construction paper to create a placemat that displays a pattern.


Motivation: The teacher will have two objects displayed on the table. One object will have a pattern design. The other will not. The teacher will ask the students to compare and contrast the two objects. The students will realize that one object has a pattern. Then the teacher will introduce the art concept of a pattern. A pattern is the repetition of anything such as color, shapes, lines, or numbers. Pass around pictures of paintings that contain patterns. Give examples of some objects that have a pattern design that can be found in their everyday lives such as clothing, paintings, numbers, soccer ball, checkerboard, lines on the road. . .etc. Ask the students if any patterns can be found in the classroom today. Show the students a few objects that have a pattern design and objects that do not, and then have the students decide if it has a pattern design or not. Have the students support their answers.

Activity: After learning about patterns, the students will make paper weavings placemats out of construction paper. The student will creatively design a paper weaving that displays some type of pattern. After all the students are finished, the teacher will laminate the paper weaving placemat. The students will use the placemats for birthday or holiday snacks.

1. Have the students choose which colors they wish to make their pattern with and distribute the materials.
2. Fold the sheet of construction paper in half.
3. From the fold, measure and make cuts at one-inch intervals, being sure to leave a two-inch border.
4. Open the paper and lay it flat.
5. Weave the construction paper strips through the slits. Weave the paper under the first slit, over the next slit, under the next slit. . .and so on.
6. Students can create a pattern of designs on the strips using crayons.
7. Glue the ends of the strips to the paper.
8. Cut fringes on the short sides of the paper.
9. After the glue dries, laminate the placemats.

Closure: Review the concept of pattern. Have students make another paper weaving
placemat using a different pattern design.