Grade: Elementary

#1354. How to travel across the country without leaving your class

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Oct 17 16:49:55 PDT 1999 by Shelley (
Winnipeg, MB
Materials Required: Stuffed toy, journal
Activity Time: Minimal prep

I did not think of this lesson, but I think that it is terrific.

About two weeks ago someone sent it to me.

What you do is you get a stuffed animal and name him. You will be sending this animal in the mail, so don't make him too big. The size of a beanie baby is perfect. The object is to have this animal travel and visit as many parts of the country as possible. It is best to start this activity in September so that you can gain as much information as possible. I will explain what is in the letter that accompanies the animal; it will explain the rest.

You write the letter from the perspective of the animal. The animal tells about your class and your project. You explain that you want your class to visit as many parts of the country as possible without having to go there. You ask whoever has your animal write about the adventures. Ask them to write about their community, the recent weather, the landscape, and whatever else you want to know. One of the students' favourite part of the activity is when you ask that they take a picture of themselves with your "friend".

The letter should also include a date that you want your animal returned to you. When you get it back you hopefully will have covered many parts of the country and will learn things that you couldn't learn from a book.

My class is looking after a puppy named Sunny right now. They are enjoying caring for him and taking hom home with them each night. We also are enjoying telling Sunny's class about our part of Canada.

If you are worried about having your project work - don't. I posted that I needed to send Sunny somewhere, and gave a list of the provinces that he hadn't visited, and got MANY messages from people wanting to take him.