Grade: Advanced
Subject: Language

#1355. Cuando era niño/a.... (Writing Activity)

Language, level: Advanced
Posted Mon Oct 18 18:57:34 PDT 1999 by Heidi Fritz (
Barrington High School, Barrington, IL USA
Materials Required: Colored construction paper, white background paper, scissors, glue, baby picture.
Activity Time: Two days?
Concepts Taught: El Imperfecto

Assign students to round up at least one baby picture. Either in class (for regular students) or as homework for honors students - students are to write an essay of the following: what they were like as a child/ baby, what they used to like to do, what they used to like to eat, what their parents used to say to them, etc. For extra credit opportunities have students bring in home videos of when they were babies/ children. Even students that do not bring in videos are really interested in seeing other people's videos. Then have students ask others comprehension questions about what they said (or ask them yourself). Students gain participation points by answering correctly.

Baby pictures may also be displayed and students can guess who everyone is.

Students really seem to enjoy reminiscing (spelling)? and talking about themselves.