Grade: Elementary

#1356. FLINGO

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Oct 19 17:30:02 PDT 1999 by Shannon Stephens (
Berkeley Heights Elementary School, Martinsburg, WV USA
Materials Required: Home-made FLINGO board
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Learning vocabulary words

This lesson is used for learning and practicing flashcard sight words and/or spelling words.
You make your FLINGO board on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Divide the paper into eight sections
for 8 words. I allow the students to pick 8 out of 15-20 words that they have practiced.
They put the words anywhere on the board and this makes their FLINGO boards.
The game is played like BINGO only they are looking for previously learned words. When they win they say
FLINGO. I give them different ways to win. To add a personal touch I wrote FLINGO at the top of the page
and added a few pictures to give some character.