Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#136. Las estaciones / The seasons

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Fri May 28 15:56:21 PDT 1999 by Kati Bauman (

World Language/Spanish,
Materials Required: Four season color cards, weather pictures
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Weather- seasonal attributes, vocabulary

Topic: Introducing Seasons/the types of weather
Objective:SWBAT classify the types of weather in each season following a lesson on the weather.
Procedure: Review the types of weather. Use picture cards and ask with each " Hace buen tiempo o hace mal tiempo?"
Next have 4 students stand in each corner of the room with the large picture cards. (ONE SEASON IN EACH CORNER)
S. select one card and decide as a class which season would have the type of weather and then they stand in that corner.
When all the picture cards are exhausted say the target sentences for each set. "En el verano hace calor" or "Yo tengo sed todos los dias y yo jugar afuera y vamos a nadar."
The teacher can make variations on each to include the past target words and target phrases.
ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES:Have the S. illustrate the for seasons and an outdoor activity, S. enjoy sharing their activities out side of school since this is a very important part of their lives.
ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: S, can do a weather report with cardboard boxes as the television screen. This promotes confidence (if they are short reports with S. drawings of maps, and weather key.)