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#1362. cooperative appointments

other, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: a circle drawn on paper large enough to accomodate 12 spaces Photocopy the circle so that you have
Activity Time: 10-15 minutes
Concepts Taught: working together

continued from Materials Needed
one per student. Distribute to children with the explanation that this will be a tool they keep with them in their binder. They must go around to 12 different classmates and obtain signatures in each of the 12 spaces. When student A signs Student B's sheet in space 12, then student B will sign student A's sheet in the same space. This consititutes a cooperative appointment. Next time the teacher has a need for an activity to be done in pairs, the teacher will call out a number from 1 to 12 and students will refer to their sheet and meet with the person whose signature appears on that numbered space. Instant partnering!