Grade: Senior
Subject: Science

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#137. Nuclear Power: Plugged or Unplugged and On-Line

Science, level: Senior
Posted by Susan Camasta (
Hinsdale South High School, Darien, IL U.S.A.
Materials Required: computers with e-mail
Activity Time: variable
Concepts Taught: nuclear power and opinions

The purpose of this project is to expose students to the opinions and attitudes of teens in different geographic locations, regarding nuclear power. The students will establish communication with other school classrooms in hopes of answering the following questions. Do students' opinions and attitudes on nuclear power vary due to their location in the world? Do students in different locations receive different information from school and their media? How does the current usage of nuclear power in the students' environment affect their attitude?

This project would be appropriate for high school Chemistry, Physics, or Earth Science classes.
I am seeking 4 collaborating classrooms.

Please contact Susan by E-mail if you are interested in collaborating on this project. Classes will then exchange E-mail addresses and determine when they will correspond. The collaborating schools will determine further planning. Ultimately, summaries of our data will be posted on a home page for others to browse. To participate during the 1997-98 school year, please contact Susan by the end of September.