Grade: Elementary

#1373. Quilting Your Way to States & Capitals

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Oct 29 12:19:13 PDT 1999 by Nancy Salsman (
Lincoln Elementary, El Reno, OK USA
Materials Required: construction paper, markers, scissors
Activity Time: 1-2 hrs. to prepare & a few days to finish
Concepts Taught: To learn the states and capitals.

My fourth graders really like learning their states and capitals with this activity. I have students make a cutout of each state. We then write a letter to the governor of each state asking them to please sign the cutout of their state. We then ask the governor to return it to us. Once we receive the signed cutout back it is glued to a quilt block made from contstruction paper. Once we have received all fifty states back we then put our quilt together. The students conduct research about each state and add those facts to the quilt block. This has turned into a great research project for my students. Usually the governor of each state will include information about their state as well. This has been very positive to help my students learn their states and capitals.