Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1374. Lord of the Flies Introduction

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Fri Oct 29 13:03:25 PDT 1999 by Ray Hill (
East Jackson High, Jackson, MI

Golding wrote Lord of the Flies shortly after learning of the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust. One question facing many people at the time was: "How can 'good' people commit such horrific crimes?" What makes good people do bad things?
At the beginning of the unit, I take one student aside and let them know I have candy in my desk. I announce to the class the need to "run to the office" or "go into my backroom for a few minutes." As soon as I am out of sight, my accomplice gets the candy out and offers it to his classmates: "Come one, the teacher will never know."
Some students accept the candy, others do not. I return and make them aware of the ruse.
We end up having a very good discussion about peer pressure and "why good people do bad things."