Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#1379. Music Help and Ideas available

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Oct 31 16:57:53 PST 1999 by Lisa Snow (
Delaware Central School, Delaware, Ontario, Canada

As I've stated in my previous submission, I am a music specialist. I have so many ideas and lesson plans, that I cannont narrow it down to just a few, so if you would like some help, please contact me at the listed email address or at I am more than happy to ehlp you in any way that I can with questions or idea requests for specific music topics. I use a Kodaly based program in my school, but many of my lessons can be used by people without a Kodaly background.
I use a lot of music in my own Kindergarten class, but I also teach music to grades 1-5 (and have taught it to grade 6,7,8 as well). Among my origianl units are Collaborative Units on the Voice and Spanish music. I can also recommend a variety of books and resources for teachers looking to add to their music collections.
I am also more than happy to share ideas with other music teachers out there who just want to brain storm or discuss specific music ed ideas.