Grade: all
Subject: Art

#1383. Make a space ship

Art, level: all
Posted Mon Nov 1 11:24:22 PST 1999 by Lyn ().

Materials Required: almost any construction materials
Activity Time: 20 minutes to 2 days
Concepts Taught: construction

Build a Space Ship
Some space ships take days to construct. Others can be built quickly. These questions might help you get started. You'll have your own ideas. Experiment!
• What shape will help your space ship fly? What will give it power?
• Do you want space travellers or space creatures? Build them or use toys you have. What will the space travellers take with them?
• Do you want to make a space scene with a launching pad? Should it be hidden, or should it be visible from a distance?
Ideas for Space Materials
• Glue together scraps such as shoe boxes, empty food boxes or containers, bottle caps, empty thread spools or bottle lids. Decorate your space ship with drawings, stickers or wrapping paper.
• Find a box large enough for you to ride in the space ship. You might cover your space ship with wallpaper or paint. Make your space ship realistic.
• Build a space site outdoors with grass, twigs and rocks. You can make a pond by filling a pail with water, digging a hole for it and building up a sand hill. Hide it with leaves, grass or pieces of trimmed shrubs and trees.
• Make paper aircraft. If you want to fly your space ship, try different ways to fold paper and different kinds of paper.
• Use building sets and toys like Lego, Construx, K*enx and Playmobil. Some pieces are made specially for space ships, and others can be put together to build anything.
Have fun playing with your space ship! You might give or lend it to someone younger who would like to play with it.

Guess What?
NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Agency. Try the NASA web site at:
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