Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1384. My rap

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Nov 2 05:26:50 PST 1999 by Gabriella Gangi (ggangi).
The American Overseas School of Rome, Rome, Italy
Materials Required: tape recorder and a cassette
Concepts Taught: practising adjectives

I tried this with my 3rd and 4th grade beginner Italian class.
After we studied basic adjectives to descibe people.
I gave them a list of 20 adjectives (some of them were strange or bizarre)
and I asked them to come up
with a song about themselves, using also "I am".
They also had to invent a rhythm and atune to make the song
sound like a rap song.It was a lot of fun, because they came out
with the funniest description of themselves and with good tunes too.
We practised the songs for a lesson and them we taped them on a cassette.
The kids really got into it and we asked other
teachers to listen to the tape.
it is a good activity for pronunciation because
they have to practise in order to sing well.

listen to them.
it and we had