Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#1385. A hand in the Christmas Tree

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Nov 2 05:51:49 PST 1999 by Kandi Eaton (
Mary MacKillop Catholic Community Primary School, Ballajura, Australia
Materials Required: Plain Paper, Green paint, Brown paper, scissors, glue, glitter
Activity Time: Approx 2 classes of 30 mins
Concepts Taught: Working together creates good things- together is better

Each child paints their hands green and handprints them onto a sheet of paper.
Apon drying the teacher/or children write their names onto both handprints. The handprints are then cut around. Using a display board the teacher pins the handprints upside down to form a Christmas tree. Brown paper can then be cut (fringed) to form the tree trunk.

This is very effective if the children have also cut out star shapes and glued glitter to them (In session 1). One star can be placed at the top of the tree, and the other stars can be displayed all around the tree. The children love that they have created their own classroom Christmas tree 'together'