Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#1386. Amelia Bedelia (persuasive writing)

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Nov 4 10:27:17 PST 1999 by Lori Mastrorillo (annlori68).
Winthrop School , Melrose, MA
Materials Required: Amelia Bedelia
Activity Time: 2 lessons (30 minutes each)

After reading Amelia Bedelia, have the students brainstorm all the options Mr.& Mrs. Rogers have when they come home and see that Amelia has misunderstood their instuctions and has ruined their towels and sofa. Once the students have come up with 5 or more options, they should choose the option that would be best for Mr. & Mrs. Rogers. Then the students must come up with the pros and cons of their option. Once they have overlooked the postive and negative consequences of their option, they should decide whether their option was a good decision. The next lesson the students would use the inform they compiled to write a letter to Mr. & Mrs. Rogers persuading them to follow their advice. Whether it's to fire her or keep her as a cook. Follow the formula of a persuasive letter.