Grade: Middle

#1387. Verb/Synonym Connection

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Wed Nov 3 16:00:17 PST 1999 by Cornelia Zaremsky (
Ebenezer Middle School, Sumter, SC
Materials Required: construction paper, markers, scissors, strips of paper
Activity Time: 15-25 minutes
Concepts Taught: Identify verbs and corresponding synonyms

This lesson works well for middle school students who
need a concrete reference while working with the parts
of speech.
Have students recognise objects in the room that have
potential motion, i.e. an outlet. Assign the outlet to the child
who responds with an interesting verb for the outlet(electrify).
The student then writes the word in 6" letters on the
construction paper& decorates. She/he then finds 7-20 words in the
thesaurus to place beside the object/art work. Careful with the glue gun.