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Grade: Middle
Subject: Language

#1410. Adjectives Don't "Puzzle" Me!

Language, level: Middle
Posted Wed Nov 24 09:49:14 PST 1999 by JP ().
Materials Required: Puzzle Pieces, Paper, Pen
Activity Time: varies...20 min. -1 hr.
Concepts Taught: Describing and identifying adjectives

Each student has their own paper and pen. Select puzzle pieces that have identifying marks on them. (You can make this as easy or difficult as you wish.) Give each student a puzzle piece to describe on their paper. After a good paragraph description is written, they return their puzzle piece to the front of the room to a large table or a large floor area. They do not let anyone see them with their piece. It is all very secretive. They love this part! They pass their paper to the person sitting behind them in the room. That person goes to the front and tries to locate that special puzzle piece. Of course, he first has to read the description. He selects a piece and takes it to the person who wrote the paragraph and asks, "Is this it?" After that puzzle piece has been found, that person passes that paragraph to the next person, etc. This gives practice with descriptive writing and reading comprehension. The game can continue as long as you need it to. Sometimes I throw in "extra" pieces at the front to throw everyone off. Have fun!