Grade: Elementary

#1412. Label tables

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Nov 26 09:38:15 PST 1999 by D. Trevor (
retired teacher, Illinois
Materials Required: 3X5 cards, marking pens, objects to label, a box
Activity Time: as short as 15 minutes as long as needed.
Concepts Taught: Sight words, vocabulary, reading skills, word recognition

This is a great activity I wrote for the "Reading Teacher"
This activity is simple and builds sight words,vocabulary and word recognition skills that are essential for reading. Teacher provides a box of items or has students bring in self selected items from home. Next,teacher creates labels for these items on 3X5 cards that contain the names of these objects. Students practice matching the objects to their labels. Then they share their labels and objects with other students and practice matching the combined objects to the labels. Then one student hides an object and has the other student match the others to their respective labels so that he can say which object is missing and identify its label.