Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#1418. Activity for the book A House is a House for Me

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 28 04:21:16 PST 1999 by Nancy Mead (
Gladstone Area Schools, Gladstone, USA
Materials Required: Computer, Digital Camera
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: homes

A fun activity to go with the book A House is a House for Me is to make individual
student books. On a blank page, print "A __________________ is a house for a
_____________________. Give the student 4-5 pages. They fill in the blanks and
illustrate each page. Take a digital picture of each student, print it at the center of the
page, and print "And a house is a house for ME!" at the bottom. The student draws a
picture of their house around their picture. Bind all pages with a cover. Makes a
wonderful little book!