Grade: Elementary
Subject: Phys Ed

#1420. Hit the Wall Ball

Phys Ed, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Dec 8 07:49:43 PST 1999 by Marcy Boyle (
P.S. 76 M, Manhattan, NYC, USA
Materials Required: 2 rubber playground balls (8" or 10")
Activity Time: about 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Fun! Teamwork & cooperation, and throwing & blocking balls, too.

Hit the Wall Ball is a great variation of Dodgeball, where the students don't try to hit each other, but rather try to score points by hitting opposite walls. My students love this simple game, because it keeps them very busy, and they like the fun "competition" of scoring points.

Divide the class into two teams on opposite sides of the gym, as if for Dodgeball. The teacher throws out two rubber playground balls, and the students try to get the balls to hit the other team's back wall (without crossing the center line, of course). Students may throw, kick or roll the ball over, or use their imaginations if they can think of another way. Each time a ball hits the back wall, a point is scored for the other team. So, students are simultaneously trying to score points by hitting the other team's back wall, while blocking balls to protect their own wall.

You need two opposing walls to play this game, so I play with my students inside the gym, but you could play outside if you have the walls.

I have a dry erase board (write on - wipe off) in the gym, which makes for easy scoring (as well as instructions and other reminders). I bought it with Teacher's Choice funds.

I play this game with my 1st through 5th grades, general education and special education, and they all love it! I hope yours will, too... Good luck!