Grade: all
Subject: Language

#1426. Post card Stories

Language, level: all
Posted Thu Dec 2 14:49:13 PST 1999 by Dee Carlson (
Student majoring in Childrens Education, Lincoln, Delaware
Materials Required: Post Cards with various places on them
Activity Time: depends on size of class

Post Card Lesson Plan
Concept: Language
Objective: Child will use creativity, Child will learn to take turns
Materials Needed: Post cards with various locations
Preparation: None
Procedure: Have children sit in a semi-circle. Tell them that they will be going on an adventure today. Pick a card and tell them whre that place is and to imagine themselves there. Once they do start a story about a person in the picture or someone made up. Start a story about an adventure they would have in that place. After your first sentence have the children take turns adding to the story one at a time.