Grade: Senior

#1429. Create Your Own Infomercial - Industrial Revolution

Social Studies, level: Senior
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Montgomery County High School, Mt. Sterling, KY 40353
Materials Required: Pipecleaners, popsicle sticks, Reynolds Wrap, construction paper, poster board, markers
Activity Time: 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: Students will create their own inventions and advertise in a informerical.

After studying the inventions of the Industrial Revolution, students apply what they have learned to present day. Students should understand the reasons that led to the revolution, including what resources were available, and working and living conditions of the time period. Students work in cooperative groups to create a modern day invention to solve a modern day "problem". Once they have made their invention, they create an infomerical to advertise the product to be videotaped by the teacher. Ask students the day before project to bring materials from home to use in making the invention.
Roles in Groups
Inventer ( makes a blueprint)
Engineer (puts the invention together)
Advertiser (makes out the script for the infomercial)
TV Announcer (hosts the infomercial)
Steps to Invention
1. Students decide on a problem to solve and sketch a blueprint. Blueprints are briefly presented to the class to check for understanding.
2. Allow students (inventor/engineer) time to work on making the invention using materials. Advertiser and host work on designing backdrop and script for infomerical.
3. After groups are finished with the inventions, each group will present informercial to the rest of class. Teacher will videotape for future reference or to show the class. This will probably lead into the next day's lesson.

Have students reflect on:
1. How did inventers during the Industrial Revolution advertised their products to factories?
2. What problems led to student creation and how do the same problems relate to the Industrial Revolution?