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Subject: Literature

#1431. robert browning

Literature, level: all
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robert browning
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Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 50 min
Concepts Taught: comprehension activities


A dramatic monologue in which the speaker, the Duke of Ferrara, who, while
negotiating a marriage with the daughter of a count, points out to the count's agent a
portrait of his former wife, his 'last duchess'. As he speaks about her, it is intimated
that he arranged for her murder as she didn't properly appreciate the honor he had
bestowed upon her by marrying her.
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This document is accompanied by a 'trailer', or a preliminary study of the document:

A synopsis of the basic plot structure
Character sketches and relationships
Basic conflicts and their resolution
Problematic vocabulary

Extended Readings include follow up comprehension activities, involving language
specific learning:

What's in an Idiom? A study of idioms encountered in the reading.
The Slang Game A look at any slang used in the text.
A Word by any Other Name Exercises using the problematic/unusual
vocabulary in the text.
Funny or Not? Humor in Focus If the text uses humor, a study looks at
how/why something is funny.
Culture Cachet A look at the culture inherent in the language.